SOGI Webinar

Matt Jans
Lead Statistician
Gretchen McHenry
Survey Methodologist
RTI International

November 4th at 11:30am to 1:00pm CST

Title: Taking the pulse on SOGI measurement: Best practices and discussion

Presenters: Matt Jans & Gretchen McHenry

Duration: 90 min

Including sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) measures in surveys has expanded rapidly, and best practices for their use have progressed in kind. To produce accurate, high-quality data on overlapping, yet unique LGBTQI+ communities, these best practices must be continually monitored and compared to survey measures currently in use. In order to promote this monitoring and comparison in the survey community, this webinar has three goals: 1) introduce and reinforce SO and GI terminology, question writing best practices, and the research that supports them; 2) share the presenters’ recent experiences developing SOGI measures and adding them to surveys on a wide range of topics, and; 3) provide a discussion space for the presenters to advise attendees on SOGI measure inclusion in their own surveys. The longer duration of this webinar allows us to spend a lot of time on goal 3, so please come with draft questions or situations and be prepared to share!

About the presenters:

                Matt Jans, PhD: Matt is a survey methodologist with 20+ years experience in all aspects of survey design, but specializing in questionnaire design. For almost 10 years, he has been developing SOGI measures, and contributing to best practices on their use.

                Gretchen McHenry, MS: Gretchen is a survey methodologist with 15 years experience, specializing in questionnaire development and qualitative research. She regularly leads projects designing and pretesting SOGI questions for diverse survey populations.