Data Management the Tidy Way:
An Overview of the Tidyverse in R

Rebecca J. Powell, Ph.D.
Research Survey Methodologist at
RTI International

April 8th, 12-1 pm central time

FREE for all MAPOR members and non-members
(Pandemic Special)

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Among programming languages used in statistics and data science today, R is one of the more popular.  For survey researchers and practitioners, the appeal of R extends beyond the fact that it is free, to the fact that it provides many packages suited for survey data analyses.  This webinar provides an introduction to packages in the `tidyverse`, a simplified and cohesive environment that enhance data management and visualization.   Specifically, this talk will discuss and illustrate several functions available through tidyverse packages that help you: import and merge datasets; create new and modify existing variables; and subset your data for analysis.  Additionally, there will be a brief introduction to packages and functions for analysis of survey data.  R code is provided that contrast these functions with their analogs in base R to help illustrate the power of the tidyverse.  All examples provided in this webinar use datasets available in R packages so attendees can recreate these examples on their own.

Rebecca J. Powell, Ph.D is a research survey methodologist at RTI International with a specialty in questionnaire design and analysis. Her main research focus is on improving survey response rates and quality through improving visual design in self-administered questionnaires and contact materials. Dr. Powell also conducts analyses on both survey paradata and substantive data in an effort to improve data collection efforts. She has a doctorate in Survey Research and Methodology from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln, along with master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Applied Statistics from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Recordings of the webinar will be available for those who cannot attend the event live. If interested, please register and you will receive a link to the recording after the event.

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