MAPOR Council Public Meeting Minutes – July 2019


July 12, 2019

11:00 am – 12:00pm CST/12:00 pm – 1: 00pm EST

Attendees: Kevin, Ipek, Dana, Ned, Justine, Colleen, Ron, Patrick, Mary, Ashley


  1. 2019 Conference                                                                                                                                             (Dana)
  1. Abstract submission updates
  • Abstract Review – Next Steps
  • Student Paper Competition
  • Anything else?

We have 125 submissions for the conference. On July 1st, we had 108, so the extension pulled in a few more. Dana is reviewing abstracts and putting them into topical areas. The process is somewhat easier as we asked people to classify themselves during the submission process.  She is about 95% through the process. Rejection rate is very low; so far only 2 possible rejections based on content that didn’t seem to fit. When she has what she believes the sessions to be, she will pass it on to the conference committee for a second review within the next few days. She will call on council for assistance if any issues come up. She believes she can give people feedback about acceptance before August 15.  She is taking input from the survey about whether to make more sessions or add methods briefs. Final decisions about this will be made in the next few weeks.

Student paper competition – Dana has been in touch with Nora Kate about this process.

  1. Treasurer’s Report                                                                                                                                         (Kevin)
  1. Budget updates
    1. Checking: $18,258
    1. Saving: $45,021
  • b.       Getting back MAPOR items from AAPOR
    • Kevin and Ipek have both reached out to AAPOR about this. Waiting for their response.
  • PCI Compliance
    • Kevin submitted compliance paperwork last month. We are good until 2020.

We briefly discussed the need for PCI compliance. PCI compliance refers to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The PCI DSS is a set of security standards designed to ensure that all companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. MAPOR doesn’t collect this information directly, rather we use third party vendors to collect credit card information when we collect money for dues, webinars, and our conference. To comply with the standard, we essentially provide the compliance organization with the information concerning our payment vendors, and they ensure that those groups are compliant. This is one of the primary reasons we purchase the services of these vendors – so that they maintain a secure environment and we don’t have to deal with it.

We also briefly discussed whether we wanted to drop those other vendors – iPayment and AuthorizeNet – as Cvent now offers an integrated platform whereby they would collect credit card information for us. It is not clear how much we would save by this change, as the contract terms with Cvent will need to be renegotiated. It seems like it would make sense to only use one vendor (rather than the current three) although Kevin would prefer to do this in December or January, when we wouldn’t need to use the new system for the first time when we are ramping up for our conference. Both Jolene (previous sec/treas) and Kevin (current sec/treas) feel we should make the switch to simplify the process, we just need to commit to the (minor?) headache of making the change and adjusting to a new system. The reason we have not yet done so is because the new system is working, and we hesitate to make changes when the system currently functions. In other words, although it is complicated, it isn’t broken, so let’s not try to fix it.

  1. Communications                                                                                                                                          (Justine)
  1. Plans on upcoming social media postings/communication w/ members
  • Next newsletter

The Spring newsletter went out and Justine also sent materials concerning the conference abstract submission process. She plans to send a summer newsletter. Please reach out to Justine about any content you want to push for this newsletter. Justine continues to put out short engagement information on social media to “keep eyes on our account”.

Ipek suggests pushing other chapter events vis social media (specifically via Twitter) as another means of keeping folks engaged with our account.

Dana will work with Justine to send materials to be sent in segments concerning the hotel and other conference information.

  1. Sponsorship                                                                                                                                                    (Allison)

Allison will be sending materials out to our regular sponsors. If people have leads on new sponsors, please reach out to her. Allison and Ron will be sending out materials to listservs to fish for new vendors. Council will think of new potential vendors that we might reach out to.

  • MAPOR Reserves Policy Next Steps                                                                                                             (Ron)

Ron moved the adopted reserves policy document onto the drive. The next step is for EC to consider how much and how we will distribute.

Concerning how to distribute – There is overwhelming support that we should implement some type of grant program for students, although we need to continue to have discussions about how best to do so. This could be by covering student costs for hotels, or covering hotels of students in the paper competition, or it could be general travel grants for students.

Concerning how much to distribute – During the in-person meeting in September, Kevin will present a few potential scenarios for distributing grant money that is sustainable over the long-term. He suggests that we implement something where we know how much we can spend for the next 3-4 years, and we know that we can sustain that level of giving for a few years. There are a few factors that would drive the amount of money we could allot for grants.

  • How many students applied for the paper competition this year?
  • How many students regularly attend the conference?

Knowing these numbers will give us an idea about how much we might offer. Kevin would prefer to give a fixed pot of money out each year, and we would make the determination about how mush to distribute based on the number of students or applicants we expect to have. Dana will put together the number of students so we can calculate a cost per person.

It is not certain that we can do something long-term that we could implement this year. We do not want to implement something this year and then change up next year; it would probably be best if we establish a system, and then stick with it for a few years. If done this way, it would work best as an incentive to students that would could present at MAPOR this year. However, EC is open to ideas for getting funds out to support students this year.

For whatever we decide – for this year or the long term, we need to continue the conversation so we are ready to go for next year. Please continue to think of ideas about grants and how best we can incentivize more students to take part in MAPOR.

  • Executive Council Face-to-Face Meeting                                                                                                    (Ipek)
  1. Date & Time: September 16, 2019 (Monday), 9:00am to 3:00pm
  • Location: NORC’s downtown office (55 East Monroe Street, Chicago, IL 60603)
  • Travel Plans and MAPOR Reimbursement

How does the 9-3 time work for those who will attend?

Ipek will send an email about whether or not people will attend. Please respond so that we can set expectations about the cost of the meeting.

  • Executive Council Input on Nominations and Fellows                                                                            (Ipek)
  1. Call for nominations will go out mid-August to members and fellows

Please add your nominations to the Google calendar. After EC has named potential candidates, we will call for nominations to the membership.

  • Anything else? 

Next meeting: August 19 (Monday) @ Noon CT/1:00 ET                                                                                

MAPOR Council Public Meeting Minutes – June 2019

June 17, 2019

Attendees: Kevin, Ipek, Ned, Ron, Allison, Colleen, Josh, Dana, Patrick, Sara,


  1. 2019 Conference                                                                                                                                             (Dana)
  1. Abstract submission updates
  • Announcement(s)
  • Student Paper Competition
  • Meeting w/ the hotel
  • Anything else?

Ned and Dana met with folks at Embassy Suites. Meeting went well and they appreciated touching base with the staff. They mentioned to them a few changes they wanted to implement.

11 submissions to the site so far. The number of submissions is comparable to previous years. We know that most of the submissions come close to the deadline. Postings have been going out on AAPORnet and our social media. Next announcement will be the newsletter which will go out soon. We may extend the deadline if it doesn’t affect our ability to conduct the abstract review.

Conference committee will meet soon and have a few more agenda items for our next meeting.

  1. Treasurer’s Report                                                                                                                                         (Kevin)
  1. Budget updates
  • b.       Getting back MAPOR items from AAPOR

Checking: $18,306.66

Savings: $45,020.23

Kevin gave his card to Adam Thocher and asked to have the items sent to him at the UChicago Survey Lab. No items have yet arrived. Kevin will reach out to Adam to see if the items have been sent.

  1. Communications                                                                                                                                          (Justine)
  1. June Newsletter
  • Plans on upcoming social media postings
  • MAPOR Vision and Mission (Website update, Announcements to membership)

Justine has a few more social media posts to go out in the next few weeks advocating for conference submissions. If anyone has other suggestions for social media posts please reach out to Justine.

Justine will unpin the AAPOR posts and change them to posts concerning the conference.

The spring newsletter is ready in draft form and she will circulate to EC to review. ETA to go out this week. Please review and send feedback to Justine.

Need to finalize a plan to distribute MAPOR vision and mission. This will be coming out in the newsletter, Ipek and Justine will discuss rolling this out on the website. Ipek would like to have some discussion in the newsletter about the process of how the vision/mission statement was created so members don’t feel like it came from nowhere. Justine and Mandy will work to include this.

  1. Sponsorship                                                                                                                                                    (Allison)

Allison will reach out to Ron to set up a time to meet and discuss the plan to reach out to our sponsors. This timeframe was about the time they started reaching out to sponsors last year.

  • MAPOR Reserves Policy                                                                                                                                   (Ron)

Ron, Kevin, and Mary drafted a policy for EC to review. They recommend keeping the amount for operational reserves to be somewhere between a full year of our average operating costs, or half of a full year of operating costs. The “average” would be the average operating costs from the most recent 3 past years. (For 2019, the average annual operating costs from the last 3 years is $42,712.)

Patrick wants to make sure that any amount we ultimately spend takes into consideration being able to spend funds going into the next several years. We wouldn’t want to spend all of the remaining funds after this year, and then not be able to sustain that level of spending going into future years.

Kevin notes that this policy only creates an amount that will not be spent during the fiscal year, it does not make a recommendation about how much of the remaining amount should be spent. the group of Mary, Ron, and Kevin agreed that the designation of what to spend should be determined through a separate policy. Ipek plans to discuss this in more detail with EC during the in-person meeting in September. 

Ron proposed that we change the policy to reflect that we should maintain ¾ of the average three-year operating costs to the operational reserves.

Ned seconded the motion.

Council voted majority to approve the motion.

There were no objections or abstentions.

The motion is accepted.

  • Executive Council Face-to-Face Meeting                                                                                                    (Ipek)

Ipek spoke with several EC members about having an in-person meeting and she feels a majority of the EC see value in conducting the meeting this year. Ipek will send a Doodle poll to EC about a date in September for the in-person meeting.

  • Executive Council Input on Nominations and Fellows                                                                            (Ipek)

Please add your input for nominations for EC. Should we implement the voting in Cvent or another platform? Ipek will set up a meeting for Ron, Ipek, and Kevin to discuss how we will roll out the elections. We should select the option that is easiest to implement while maintaining the security of members’ votes.

  • Next Meeting: July 15 @ Noon CST/1:00 EST                                                                                            (Ipek)
  1. Do we need to reschedule due to the ESRA Conference?

Ned and Ipek will send out a Doodle to determine the best day and time to move the meeting. Ipek will be out for two weeks, so Ned will need to chair the meeting.

  1. Anything else?                                                                                                              

Kevin received notification about re-certifying MAPOR’s PCI Certification. Ipek will an this as an agenda item for next month’s meeting and Kevin will give an update on progress.

MAPOR Council Public Meeting Minutes – May 2019

May 31, 2019

  1. MAPOR at AAPOR Recap                                                                                                                                      (All)
  1. AAPOR Official All Chapter Event (Ipek)
  1. MAPOR @ AAPOR flyer – website upload.

is ready and built into late spring newsletter; Josh can put up on website- Justine will remind

  1. Getting back items from AAPOR

still waiting to get table cloth, etc. back after the conference

  • AAPOR Unofficial All Chapter Party (Ipek)

We had 275 attendees and broke-even; MAPOR sponsored photo-booth

  • Chapter Representatives Meeting (Ned)

The other chapters requested site-licenses for software to manage their membership/emails (CRM) as well as for webinars; AAPOR was not enthusiastic about providing that software rather give advice.  MAPOR has CVENT through 2021 and so it isn’t as much an issue for us. 

  1. 2019 Conference                                                                                                                                             (Dana)
  1. Call for Conference Participation Announcements

Call for participation has been released; Dana will follow-up next week.  Dana reviewing survey results from 2018 conference to make improvements for 2019.

  • Student Paper Competition — 3rd, 2nd, 1st? Honorable mention? In the survey, student suggested this as it helps their CV.  Mary observes is a good idea since we have sufficient (20 or so) submissions
  • Abstract management system updates  Dana will be tracking abstracts by week in comparison with last year
  • Moderator role; Networking lunch; Book raffle  Dana would like to institutionalize moderator role at MAPOR as has been done at AAPOR (relatively few remarks up front/end to tie things together); Dana would like to ask long-term members or fellows to be moderators .  Dana would like to have lunch in atrium but improve “networking” component; Sara liked the small tables, but would want ways of encourage mingling say with a facilitator of note.  Dana and Ned will be meeting with the hotel in two weeks to discuss details.  Dana observes book raffle has declined in popularity and could raffle something else like free conference registration next year for a student.  Council observes that AAPOR book sale has declined in popularity as well.  We will bring this up in the conference committee, and ask in the survey next year if the change was a positive one or not. 
  1. Treasurer’s Report                                                                                                                                           (Ipek)
  1. Budget updates

Checking Account: $18,466, Savings: $45,019

  1. Communications                                                                                                                                          (Justine)
  1. Newsletter
  • Plans on upcoming social media postings

Justine is finalizing late spring newsletter.  Ipek wonders if we should re-announce on social media the call for submissions, student paper submissions; these were held-off due to AAPOR.  Justine says she will make such announcements on social media. 

  • Rules and regulations re MAPOR Reserves                                                                                                (Ron)

Ron, Mary, and Kevin met at AAPOR to discuss a plan for MAPOR reserves, and developed a one page plan.  Suggests having either six months or one year operating expenses in reserve ($41,000 for one year based on average of past three years).  We could give more free student registrations or free hotel rooms, or free webinar access.  Council will vote on reserves policy and then consider how best to spend funds. 

  • MAPOR Vision and Mission                                                                                                                               (All)

Ipek thanks council on working with Mandy on the new vision/mission; we will be showcasing it at the newsletter. 

  • VII.               Executive Council Face-to-Face Meeting                                                                                                    (Ipek)

Ipek asks for pros/cons of face-to-face meeting.  Council seems to agree it is a real positive thing, and out-of-town people like Mary and Ron are fine with driving in if the dates work.  Ipek will circulate a doodle.

  • Anything else?                                                                                                              

Next meeting: June 17 (Monday) @ Noon CT/1:00 ET

MAPOR Council Public Meeting Minutes – April 2019


April 15, 2019

12:00 – 1:30 CST/1:00 pm – 2: 30pm EST

Ned, Kevin, Ipek, Allyson, Patrick, Colleen, Dana, Mary, Josh, Sara, Justine, Mandy


  1. Webinar (April 17)              (Patrick)
    1. Number of registrants
    2. Announcements
    3. Logistics – attendance and payment

The webinar is ready to go – there are 29 registrants for the webinar. Patrick will send out the links to registrants on Wednesday. Patrick will coordinate with the speakers to discuss the logistics. He will introduce speakers and then turn it over to them to present.

  1. MAPOR purchases with new logo                   (Sara)
    1. Updates
    2. Sending to AAPOR – Table cloth, banner, and giveaways

Sara thanks everyone for their input on the materials to purchase. All the materials have been delivered to Sara at NORC. Total cost was $1,234. Also had newly branded MAPOR giveaways delivered – total cost = $516. All of these will be sent to AAPOR by Sara later in the week in time for the AAPOR conference.

  • MAPOR at AAPOR     (Ipek)
    1. AAPOR Official All Chapter Event
      1. Table set-up and staff
      2. Raffle logistics and prices ($250 reimbursement from AAPOR)
  • 2019 MAPOR annual conference flyer & Unofficial chapter event flyer
  1. Creating MAPOR @ AAPOR documentation

Ipek asks who is available to staff the table and who is interested in doing so. Please let her know if and when you are interested.

Do people have ideas about what we can raffle? Gift cards seem like the least complicated to obtain, but lack the “Midwest” affiliation. Ron brought Kentucky bourbon once, but it can be problematic for the winner to bring back. Ipek will reach out to Ned, Allyson, and Kevin to discuss further. If others have new ideas, please let Ipek know.

Dana will coordinate with Ned about having bookmarks which advertise our call for papers. We can distribute at the MAPOR booth.

MAPOR at AAPOR list. Mandy solicited info from members, and then she went through the program to see if there were others who we could add to the list. We also added the other events (photo booth) that are MAPOR sponsored. Justine will create the template and asks for others to get another set of eyes on it for editing. Sara will assist Justine with this process.

  1. AAPOR Unofficial All Chapter Party (The Fifth Social Club, May 17 @ 7:30-10:30 PM)
    1. Photo Booth (MAPOR sponsored event)
    2. Power point promo slide for the unofficial chapter party (due 4/15)
  2. Anything else?

All members are invited to attend the “Unofficial” Chapter party on Friday night.

Ned will update the power point from last year for the slides.

We need to do a better job of getting photos of members at our events! Let’s make an effort to get some group photos this year and add them to the Google drive.

  1. Communications                             (Justine)
    1. Newsletter template/communications committee
    2. Plans on upcoming social media postings
    3. Pictures from events

Post AAPOR mini newsletter will highlight MAPOR at AAPOR. Please reach out to her if you have potential content to add for a newsletter to go out after the conference.

  1. 2019 MAPOR Conference                      (Dana)
    1. Call for Conference Participation
    2. Student Paper Competition Announcements
    3. Abstract management programming and review updates
    4. Anything else?

Dana has received feedback on ‘a’ and ‘b’ items. John and Nora Cate from UW will be running the student paper competition this year.

Kevin and Dana have the abstract site up. Please go through the survey and provide feedback if you have not already done so.

Abstract site is usually launched around May 1st.  Link to abstract site on webpage. After this is tested, communications and sec/treas send out to all of the communication channels (MAPORnet, friends of MAPOR, social media, etc.).

Call for participation and Student paper competition – Ipek asked webmaster to put these in pdf on the website and abstract put up the abstract management link. Dana will use the same process.

Dana will work with Josh to get the information up on the web.

Dana will reach out to Kevin about making changes to the abstract submission survey.

Early career question on the abstract submission site. Please provide feedback on the wording and how this can be used.

  1. Secretary-Treasurer’s Report                                                (Kevin)
    1. Budget updates
    2. Survey updates

Checking: $18,658

Savings: $45,019

Kevin has created the summary from the survey based on feedback from EC. Kevin will work with Justine about getting the summary out to membership in a newsletter. In next year’s survey we will inform members that we would like to publish the results. EC feels there are privacy issues if we publish the full data without first informing participants that we intend to do so.

  • Rules and regulations re budget and reserves     (Ron)

Mary, Kevin, and Ron met to discuss. Kevin will go through the past 2-3 years of budgets to determine what a full year of costs have been for us. The three of them will meet at AAPOR to discuss, then Ron will draft a policy. It may include language that states the sec treasurer will occasionally re-evaluate what average expenses are.

  • MAPOR Vision and Mission              (Mandy)
    1. MAPOR Vision and Mission Project Draft Versions

Mandy solicited feedback from past presidents and fellows. Their feedback and direct quotes are annotated on the Google document. Specifically, EC discussed:

  • Put research excellence first
  • Diversity refers to the membership, not necessarily methods
  • MAPOR’s identity and geography

Mandy will implement this next round of changes and distribute to EC.


Next meeting: May 20 (Monday) @ Noon CT/1:00 ET

Ipek will send an email with a Google poll to discuss moving this date as many EC members will not be able to attend.

MAPOR Council Public Meeting Minutes – March 2019


March 18, 2019

12:00 – 1:30 CST/1:00 pm – 2: 30pm EST

Attendees: Ipek, Josh, Kevin, Mandy, Colleen, Dana, Ashley, Justine, Allison, Ron, Patrick


  1. Ann Arbor Mixer (March 25)                   (Josh/Colleen)
    1. Registration/RSVP #s
    2. Announcements/Reminder Emails to the attendees
    3. Venue/Payment/Other logistics (food/drinks/name tags/etc..)

Currently have 20 registrants for the event. We expect more people will RSVP after the newsletter goes out. Justine will update Josh about the number for the event as we get closer. The venue said these numbers would be pretty easy to handle. Colleen will bring the table cloth and be there to help set it up. Please send Kevin digital copies of any receipts you get from purchases for the event. We will send another round of messaging to members. The newsletter goes out next week, and the social media has been refreshed. Kevin will send the friends of MAPOR list to Colleen and Josh in an attempt to identify and contact any other organizations or individuals who are in the area.

  1. Webinar (April 17)              (Patrick)
    1. Announcements
    2. Logistics

Web page hass been updated, it will all be published this week. Patrick will send the materials to Kevin so that he can distribute. Patrick will reach out to Justine to cover social media. We will be sure to stagger communications over the next 4 weeks.

  • Communications                             (Justine)
    1. Newsletter
      1. Sponsorship information confirmation
      2. Publication and Announcement Schedule
    2. Pictures from events
    3. Communications Plan

A draft of the newsletter has gone out. Please provide feedback to Justine if you have not so by tomorrow morning. The newsletter is planned to go out tomorrow.

Concerning future newsletters – If you have images from other events, please send these to Justine to add to future newsletters as they take away from some of the whitespace on the pages.

Justine wants to make sure that the benefits of membership are up to date.

Justine will send a link to a folder where people can send updated headshots for future publications. The headshots in the current issue are pulled from older newsletters – they may be outdated or of lower quality.

  1. 2019 Conference                                (Dana)
    1. Conference theme:
      1. Where Methods and Substance Meet: Reflecting the Present and Shaping the Future of Public Opinion and Survey Research
    2. Speakers
      1. Brady West, Barbara Anderson, Justine Bulgar-Medina
    3. Reorganization of Conference directory on MAPOR Google Drive
    4. Call for Conference Participation and Student Paper Competition Announcements
    5. Discuss potential conference tweaks based on survey data for feedback (below)

Dana is drafting the call for papers and the student paper competition documents.

She would like to enable something in Cvent so that persons have the ability of people to characterize their paper topic when they submit. Kevin believes this should be doable.

Also, it would be great to have persons be able to select whether or not they would like to be put into a methodological brief. Some of the methods papers from last year were not quite suitable to be presented in the methods format.

Dana has rewiewed the Member Survey responses about what we should do in case we have a record number of submissions. She will make decisions based on this feedback as well as the number of registrants we receive. We may not be able to accommodate what people want if we don’t have the physical space to do so.

Dana re-organized the conference subgroup folder. She sorted things into content groups by year. Please be aware that things have been moved if you are searching for something and can no longer find it.

One issue we have is the lack of organization on the drive. Ipek is open to suggestions for a volunteer or a committee to take a look at re-organizing the drive.

Some people feel they might be seeing other things than others when in the drive. Patrick explained that it is very possible that some folders have been created by individuals and there are only individual level permissions which do not align with the current EC.  So, it is very possible that some EC see a different folders when they log in. Ipek will put more thought into this and we can discuss during the next meeting.

  1. Treasurer’s Report                               (Kevin)
    1. Budget updates

Checking: $18,931.66

Savings: $45,019.11

Illinois non-profit report has been filed.

Federal report has been filed.

  1. Review the Conference and Member Survey data                               (Kevin)
    2. What are interesting findings we can distribute to members? Anything surprising? Should we make the entire dataset available?

Kevin reviewed some of the high level findings of interest. It seems that in previous years, we have provided a summary of some of the interesting findings and then provided links to the survey data. Kevin will work to put something together that can be distributed to all members.


Sara gathered quotes from 4 Imprint, UPrinting, and a local vendor, Chicago Signs and Printing.  Chicago Signs and Printing and UPrinting were both less expensive, but Chicago Signs and Printing has limited stock and UPrinting had inconsistent reviews online in terms of product quality and customer experience. 4Imprint had more options to choose from, their sales rep was very knowledgeable about the products, and 4Imprint was the only vendor who provided me with an actual quote (not an email or verbal quotes) and followed up with me.  I think 4Imprint is the best choice- although they are more expensive, I think we’re paying for higher quality products  and they will be the easiest to work with. I’d like council’s approval to move forward with placing an order with 4Imprint. As for tchotchkes, I’ll look through the goodies on 4Imprint’s site. Justine suggested lanyards, so I’ll check work on those next once we get the big order out.

  • AAPOR All Chapter Unofficial Event    (Ipek)
    1. Photo Booth

The photo booth is a go.

  1. Rules and regulations re budget and reserves     (Ron)

Ron reached out to multiple other chapters, but only one chapter sent their policy about the guidance. It may be that other chapters just don’t have a policy. Based on anecdotal evidence, it seems that one year of reserves is the a reasonable and common nest egg. Ron will work with Kevin and Mary to draft a document for MAPOR.

  1. MAPOR Vision and Mission              (Mandy)
    1. Draft MAPOR Vision and Mission:

Mandy solicited feedback and asked for further clarification concerning feedback from the Google document. Next steps will be for Mandy to reach out to former EC and fellows to solicit feedback and ideas. Mandy will work to refine the vision and mission, then present another round to EC to vote.


Next meeting: April 15 (Monday) @ Noon CT/1:00 ET

MAPOR Council Public Meeting Minutes – February 2019

February 18, 2019
12:00 – 1:30 CST/1:00 pm – 2: 30pm EST

Attendees: Ipek, Kevin, Mandy, Dana, Justine, Ned, Sara, Colleen, Josh, Ron, Patrick

I. 2020-2022 Conference Hotel Contract Update (Ipek)

Executed Hotel Contracts are located in the Contracts Folder of the google drive.

Thanks to the subcommittee for reviewing the hotel contracts! We now have executed contracts for 3 additional years at the Embassy Suites. The contact is available on the Google drive. Please contact Ipek if you have any questions about the contract.


II. Ann Arbor Mixer: New date (March 25) (Josh/Colleen)
a. Venue
b. Registration/RSVP website
c. Announcements

Date is now set for March 25th due to weather and travel considerations. Top floor of Jolly Pumpkin in downtown Ann Arbor is now booked. Kevin will send his credit card information to Josh to secure with the vendor.

Colleen and Justine will have registration site ready by end of the week. Colleen will send out the registration info with who will send out what after she receives the materials.


III. Webinar (April 17) (Patrick)

Date is set for April 17th. Patrick is getting bio and head shots from presenters – Trent and Antje.
Patrick will send info to Kevin and put it up on the drive so Kevin can ensure that that Cvent is ready to accept people signing up.


IV. Communications (Justine)
a. Newsletter
b. Updates to the website calendar
c. Communications schedule

New communications schedule is up on Google docs. Justine will distribute the communications schedule to EC for review. Please update other communications and let Justine know if you make changes so she is in the loop. Justine is working on the newsletter to go out at the end of February. Columns are due to Justine for the newsletter by next Monday, 2/25. Justine will distribute to EC for editing before it goes out to the membership.


V. 2019 Conference (Dana/Sara)
a. Conference theme
b. Speakers
c. Call for Conference Participation and Student Paper Competition Announcements
d. Student Paper Competition Award

Confirmed the keynote speaker. Dana is working with the subcommittee to wordsmith the conference theme but feel they are close to having it finalized. From there we will think about going after someone for the pedagogy hour. The subcommittee has ideas on potential speakers.

Dana will also review the survey results to see if there are any tweaks or other considerations to be made. Kevin will be sending these out soon.

Paper award competition amounts have been changed and should be reflected in future conference materials. The amount was upped to $500. Dana will be sure to highlight this in messaging going out in the newsletter.


VI. Treasurer’s Report (Kevin)
a. Budget updates

Checking: $17,320.74
Savings: $45,018.77

990 Federal has been submitted. Kevin will submit Illinois report before the next meeting. He will reach out to Joe Murphy about getting this submitted.

Kevin will send out the survey results to EC well before the next meeting so that they can review beforehand.


VII. MAPOR purchases with new logo (Sara)
a. Bringing with us to AAPOR – Table cloth, banner, and giveaways

Sara has one quote from “For Imprint” – Step & Repeat, Banner, and tablecloth. She is waiting for another bid from another vendor. She will get a tablecloth with an open-back. There are options for full-color and B/W. After she gets the next quote she will send these to EC to get input. The turn-around time to have these printed is very quick; about 8 days. The cost for all materials should be around $1,000.

Ipek wondered if it would be cheaper if we got give-aways from these same vendors. Sara wants to get the bid for the big stuff first, then she will look into the costs for the give-aways. The current bid is in a folder on the drive.

We usually ship these materials to AAPOR around April for the conference. Our deadline would be to have these before that date. Kevin will make sure we meet the deadline to sending these to AAPOR.


VIII. AAPOR All Chapter Unofficial Event (Ipek)
a. Sponsorship/Photo Booth

There will be an informal, all-chapter event on Friday night. The organizing chapters for the event are MAPOR and PAPOR, although all chapters provide sponsorship. MAPOR sponsored $1,500 for the photo booth last year and if we sponsored it again this year the cost would be the same.

Ipek requested feedback if we should sponsor the photo booth again this year. Ron and Kevin both audibly supported the idea.

Ron moved that we again provide $1,500 sponsorship for the photo booth at this year’s AAPOR conference.
Dana seconded the motion.
Council voted in favor.
There were no objections and no abstentions.
The motion is accepted.

Ipek will inform AAPOR about our support for the photo booth. Ipek will forward the invoice to Kevin to pay.


IX. Rules and regulations re budget and reserves (Ron)

Ron looked into what an appropriate amount of money would be to have in reserves. He reached out to the chapters and to Adam at AAPOR to see if they have guidance about how much we should have in reserves. Ron will touch base with Kevin and Mary. He is waiting to hear back from the other chapters.

Kevin notes that members were surveyed as to how they think funds should be spent. The survey results will be available soon to EC.


X. MAPOR Vision and Mission (Mandy)

Mandy has the inputs provided on the MAPOR vision and mission statement. She will take these and come up with 3 different versions for EC, past-presidents, and fellows to review. We will have a 3-week period of review. By the end of April we will have a completed visions and mission.

Mandy will revise the timeline materials to reflect that we will be soliciting feedback from key persons for their feedback, to include members of previous ECs.

Mandy moved to approve the timeline and plan for the MAPOR vision and mission statement (pending some changes to the notification plan which she outlined to EC).
Ron seconded the motion.
Council voted in favor.
There were no objections and no abstentions.
The motion is accepted.

MAPOR History update. Paul is moving forward with the project and he has contacted all of the fellows and he is getting more replies as time goes on.


XI. Other business?

Kevin would like to discuss swapping Cvent over to their new product. “Cvent FLEX System”. Kevin will provide a description of the pros and cons for EC to discuss at the next meeting, as well as a description of the cost implications.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting: March 18 (Monday) @ Noon CT/1:00 ET

MAPOR Council Public Meeting Minutes – January 2019


January 14, 2018

12:00 – 1:15 CST/1:00 pm – 2:15pm EST


Attendees: Kevin, Ned, Mandy, Justine, Ipek, Josh, Allison, Mary, Colleen, Dana, Patrick, Ashley, Sara


  1. Website                                (Josh)
    1. Updates to website
    2. Uploading conference presentations

Josh would prefer to have individuals be able to update what aspects of the website they are responsible for. Website is fully on WordPress so if you have a login, you can access and edit. Send user names and passwords to Josh if you do not have access but would like it. From there, everyone can update their portion of the site.\wp-admin gets you to the login. Major changes will be made by Josh or with josh’s help, minor changes should be made by those responsible for their content.

Justine will develop some way to document the suggested changes that need to be made.

We need to make sure that the mobile views are functioning. Justine will go into the system and see if she can find locations that need to be updated and work with Josh to make appropriate edits.

Josh suggests using the standard events calendar in the website. Calendar was set up as a Google Calendar. Josh suggests getting all of our milestone events onto this calendar. Ipek or Justine will reach out to Josh to upload some significant events (EC meetings, relevant conferences, newsletters, registration dates, webinars, MAPOR conference dates, etc.). Any events that allow members to feel engaged would be helpful to add.  Dana will work with Josh and coordinate with Justine about getting the significant conference events on the calendar.

Ned will aggregate the presentations from the conference and drop them into a google calendar, which would then be linked from the website. Ned will go through and remove those who requested their presentation was not made public.

  1. Mixer   (Josh/Colleen)
    1. Date/time of the event
    2. Venue
    3. Registration/RSVP website & announcements
    4. Who is attending from MAPOR Council?


We would like to meet Feb 4th from 5:30-7. There are minimums set by the locations with regard to drinks or food. We need to send out an invite with an RSVP in order to get a feel for expectations. The minimums would be fine if we knew how many people were going to come.

The Jolly Pumpkin is a brewery with nice space and good food. The minimum for that space is $400 per hour. They may be willing to negotiate a lower rate given that it is a Monday evening. Justine will put together a communication to collect RSVP numbers. Josh has a draft text that we can distribute and Justine will wrap this language into an Evite.

Kevin will send the invite out via the member lists. Communications will also send out via Twitter and the FB page. We would like to have the communication completed by no later than the 15th, and send out shortly thereafter.

  1. MAPOR purchases with new logo            (Sara)

Ipek and Sara met to discuss what needs to be purchased. Vertical banner, step and repeat, tablecloth, and some give-away stuff for the conferences. She will try to get quotes for these things all together. Sara will reach out to Kevin about dimensions and the tax free documentation. She hopes to have at least the tablecloth and banner ready for the AAPOR conference.

If anyone knows of other ‘interesting’ give away items, please reach out to Sara.

  1. 2019 Conference              (Dana/Sara)
    1. Conference theme
    2. Speaker Updates
    3. Call for Conference Participation and Student Paper Competition Announcements
    4. Student Paper Competition Award Updates

We have now secured a short-course presenter. Dana is in process of securing the key-note. The pedagogy will follow after getting the key-note confirmed. Committee is working on nailing down the theme.

Announcements should be being finalized by the end of the month.

Ipek suggests raising the amount we provide to the winners of the student paper competition. We currently provide $200, which does not do much to defer student costs if they do not live in the Chicago area. Can we provide more money towards their travel or hotel costs? It would be easier to have the amount be a fixed amount, rather than having to worry about reimbursing students and passing receipts for travel, hotels, etc.

Ron proposed that we increase the amount we provide to student paper winners from $200 to $500.

Mary seconded the motion.

Council voted majority to approve.

There were no objections and no abstentions.

The motion is accepted.

  1. 2020 Conference Hotel Contract Update     (Ipek/Ron/Ned/Sara/Kevin)
    1. Proposals from Embassy, Renaissance, and Marriott
    2. Survey results re current hotel
    3. Will vote for renewal of the contract with Embassy

Marriot and Renaissance contacted us about making a bid. The sub-committee discussed the pros and cons of all of the bids. They cannot find any benefit to move to another hotel at this time. The rates are reasonable, they are lower than the other hotels, and we have had a very positive experience with their staff. The sub-committee recommends signing a new contract with the Embassy Suites for the next 3 years.

Ron made a motion for Ipek to move forward to contact the Embassy Suites and sign a new 3-year contract as long as the terms do not deviate from the proposal they provided.

Mary seconded the motion.

Council voted majority to approve.

There were no objections and no abstentions.

The motion is accepted.

  1. Member Survey Update                              (Kevin)
    1. Survey is closed
    2. Brief Summary of the Results

Kevin cleaned the data over the holidays. There are 165 responses in the file (155 completes and 10 partial completes). He will code the open-end concerning how best to utilize MAPOR’s current savings. He will provide a set of frequencies and a dataset by the next meeting. Ipek would like to have these sent to membership at some point, perhaps through a newsletter.

  1. Treasurer’s Report                              (Kevin)
    1. Updates
    2. Contribution from Doris Graber
    3. Membership list updates

Checking: $17,388

Savings: $45,018

Doris Graber’s son informed us that Doris made funds available for MAPOR from her estate. Kevin will inform the membership when these funds arise.

Kevin continues to add new members as they come in from AAPOR.

  1. Communications Updates                     (Justine)
    1. Newsletter
    2. Communications Plan and Schedule

Justine has put together a time-line to assist with having streamlined communications go out to members. She asks council to send suggestions for other communications which may go out during slow parts of the year to keep people connected to MAPOR. We will target for 3 newsletters throughout the year.

  1. Next Webinar             (Patrick)

Patrick and Ipek have agreement from a speaker (data visualization) although the timing is not certain. Patrick also has a new lead for a spring webinar. Please let him know if you have any other leads to follow-up with.

  1. MAPOR mission statement next steps             (Mandy)

Mandy sent a schedule to EC about next steps for this initiative. Mandy will request new inputs from council members before the next meeting.

  1. AAPOR All Chapter Unofficial Event Updates   (Ipek)

Ipek is working with folks from PAPOR to put together a mutually shared event at the next AAPOR conference. (Since Canada does not have a chapter, we will work with PAPOR to host an event.)

  1. Other business?                      

Sponsorship. Allison and Ipek have created a quick “Thank You / Happy New Year” for their contributions.         

The next EC meeting is on Feb. 18th which is President’s day. Ipek asked EC members about if this would be an issue. It seems we should keep the date for now.

To be discussed in future meetings:


  1. MAPOR history project      (Ipek/Mandy)


  1. Election software investigation         (Ron/Ipek)


MAPOR Council Public Meeting Minutes – November 2018 (at conference)

MAPOR Members meeting

Taken during annual conference – 11/17/18

The following notes were taken after the presentation of slides by council members.

  • On the Cvent registration form, we should ask if the person is an early career researcher
  • History of MAPOR group. Paul Lavarakas – Paul and Ipek will reach out to fellows and get things moving. They will have their first meeting in January and they will be in touch with council with an update.
  • Some people wanted to add lunch to their registration after the completed their registration but could not. A request was made about having the ability for people to make changes to their registration after it has been completed.
  • Thank you to Ned for articulating the inclusive nature of MAPOR.
  • What will be done with MAPOR’s financial reserves?
    • A member suggested using the money towards funding more students to be able to attend MAPOR conference. Member requested that council explain what they have planned with the current reserves. Council responded that aside from the initiatives described during the president’s presentation, there was no official plan to do anything with reserves, except to set them aside.
    • Member suggested having one year of operating costs aside for any issues that might come up.
    • A previous council member explained the financial issue that came up at a conference a few years ago where multiple unexpected finances were incurred during the conference and as a result, the final cost of the conference was thousands of dollars over what was expected. This has instilled a cautious approach for all council members who went through that process.
    • Council member: We know that the updating of our materials due to the new logo change will incur some costs.
    • Council member: We should have some amount set aside in case we decide to move the hotel venue or if there are other unforeseen cost over-runs.
    • Member: We should approach Kellen or AAPOR about what a good amount of reserves should be.
    • Council member: It would be nice for us to know what other chapters keep in their reserves.
  • Member: Council and other have spoken about recruiting new members. Growth for growth’s sake may not be a wise move for the chapter to take. We appreciate the friendly and welcoming nature a conference of this size allows.
  • Member: Organizations benefit from being in MAPOR.
  • Member: AAPOR is doing a good job with their “send a speaker” program and this would be a good opportunity for MAPOR members to join.
  • Member: We had a great number of students apply for the student paper award competition. Thank you to the fellows who agreed to read papers and give feedback.

MAPOR Council Public Meeting Minutes – December 2018


December 17, 2018

12:00 – 1:00 CST/1:00 pm – 2:00pm EST


Attendees: Kevin, Ipek, Mary, Josh, Dana, Colleen, Ned, Justine, Ashley, Ron, Josh, Sara, Allison                                                         

Welcome New Council Members: Introductions* Mary Losch, Justine Bulgar-Medina, and Ashley Hyon

Welcome to new council members. Justine will take over for communications.

  • 2018-2019 Council Transition             (Ipek/All)
  1. Monthly meeting schedule
  2. MAPOR Google Group; Google Drive; Website; and MAPORnet
  3. Committees/new roles/transition meetings

Third Monday of the month for meetings going forward. No one objects to this schedule, although we will need to move the meeting next month because of the MLK holiday. There may be other months we may need to move but we will take it one month at a time.

Ipek updated the Google group for council. New folks have also been added to the Google drive. Ipek sent an email with a link to the drive. Please let Ipek know if you do not have access.

Kevin will add new members to MAPORnet. Also will add those who provided an email in the member survey. Kevin will update. We do not remove people from this list.

Please reach out to Ipek if you would like to be added to a sub-committee. Please have your transition meeting with the person who is leaving your role soon if this has not already occurred.

  • 2018 Conference Debrief             (Ned/All)
    1. All expenses paid/conference hotel receipt?
    2. Thank you notes to sponsors/any unpaid invoice?
    3. Conference overview
    4. Issues brought up at the business meeting

Expenses ave been paid and the hotel has cashed the check. Thanks to everyone for taking part in making the conference a successful event!

Allison provided thank you cards to sponsors the previous year. Allison and Ipek will meet and discuss about what to send out to sponsors.

We need to figure out if we need to add briefs or another session. Especially if we have another increase in the number of submissions. We may have another space that would provide another room next year.

What should we designate as an appropriate amount of money to set aside as “operating reserves”?. Mary: you want a minimum of a year of operating expenses set aside. Having those earmarked is a sign of a healthy organization. Kevin, Mary, and Ipek will look into how much we should set aside and what this amount should be. Can we reach out to other organizations to see how much they have set aside? After we know this we can come up with a policy, and then present it to council to vote. Ron suggests having this on the agenda for the next chapters meeting.

Patrick is pulling the presentations off the laptops and we may post these on the website.

  • 2019 Conference                       (Dana/Sara)
  1. Conference support committee
  2. Other items

If anyone would like to join the conference committee, please reach out to Dana.

Dana has reached out to a potential key-note speaker, she is waiting for a response. Pedagogy hour is waiting on the response from the key-note but she has ideas about who she will contact next.

  • 2020 Conference Hotel Contract Update      (Ipek/Ned/Ron/Sara)
    • Proposals from Embassy and Marriott

Contract expires after next year. We are in the process of re-negotiating the contract with the Embassy Suites. We also have a proposal from the Marriot. We will review the contract proposal from Marriot and see what kind of offer they can make us.

Ipek will provide more info on this during the next meeting.

  • Member Survey Update                               (Kevin)
  1. Survey closing date
  2. Preliminary results
  3. Next steps

We now have 150 completes and 13 partial completes. The last reminder to non-respondents went out this morning and the survey will close tomorrow (12/18). Historically, we have had 180-190 responses to the survey, although the denominator from past years has not been consistent.

Executive council were removed from participating in the survey. The logic is that because there are so many council members, we don’t want to push the data in a more positive direction. If the membership is unhappy with something, we don’t want it watered done by our responses. Plus, council provide their input and ideas when we discuss and interpret the results.

Kevin will clean the data and think about which open ends to code. Please reach out to Kevin if you are willing to help with the coding. Ipek will check back with Kevin a week or so before the next meeting to see where he is at in the process.

  • Treasurer’s Report                               (Kevin)
    1. Updates
    2. Membership list updates

Checking: $17,575.52

Savings: $45,018.03.

We are in good shape financially. As discussed previously, we need to think about how much we can set aside for operational reserves. We will also see what input members had in the member survey on this topic.

Cvent is offering a new service called “Cvent flex system” which could eliminate the need for us to rely on and iPayment – each of which take a cut of our revenue. Having funds transfer through several systems is costly and makes tracking challenging. Kevin will put together the costs associated with staying or switching to the new system. We will discuss at the next meeting.

  • Mixer    (Josh/Colleen)
    1. Date/time of the event
    2. Other logistics

Next event will be in Ann Arbor – Josh and Colleen are organizing now. Originally targeted for Tuesday, February 12th. People that Josh discussed with said the weekday/weekend date is not so much of an issue. Josh and Colleen will make a decision about the date – either the 4th, the 11th, or the 15th. Some council members will be able to attend but it will depend on the date. We will make a decision by mid-January so that we can send out the communications.

  • Communications                             (Justine)

Justine would like to come up with a calendar of events for the year that highlights key events throughout the year to ensure communications are going out when they need to be. We will solicit ideas from council members about other dates to go on the calendar.

  • Website                                 (Josh)

Josh confirms that we can put presentations up on the website although it would take a considerable amount of time to upload each one. He suggests making a public Google drive folder where all presentations could go out and people could see them if they had the link. We need to make sure that those who said no about going public do not have their presentations go into that folder. We asked if they would be willing to have them public when they registered.

Josh would like to have a session where he can teach about how to update their pertinent info on the website, but we can do this at another time. Please reach out to Josh if you require access to editing.

  • MAPOR mission statement next steps              (Mandy)

Mandy and Ipek will touch base on this before the next meeting.

  • MAPOR purchases with new logo          (Ipek/Sara)

This will be an item for next month. Sara should be aware that we need to come up with a plan for purchasing updated MAPOR stuff.

  • Webinar              (Patrick)

Ipek and Patrick have ideas for webinars. More on this next month. Please let Patrick and Ipek know if you have any ideas for future webinars.

  • MAPOR history project     (Ipek)

Ipek will reach out to Paul about the next steps.

  • Election software investigation          (Ron/Ipek)

Our rates of voting were lower this year and this is the impetus for this consideration. Ron and Ipek will discuss in the upcoming weeks about using a different software.



MAPOR Council Public Meeting Minutes – October 2018


October 8, 2018

1:00 pm – 2:30pm ET/Noon – 1:30 CT

Attendees: Ipek, Matt, Ned, Ron, Kevin, Josh, Sara, Jolene, Colleen, Vanessa

I. Communications update (Mandy/Vanessa)
Communications team will create a draft mission statement for MAPOR.
Vanessa will implement the changes EC suggested for the newsletter. Vanessa will add the logo to the top of the newsletter. The newsletter will go out this week. Mandy and Ron will provide a final approval of the latest changes.

II. Treasurer’s Report (Jolene/Kevin)
Checking: $22,998.79
Savings: $45,017.27
We now have 21 persons registered for the webinar.
We now have 57 persons registered for the conference – slightly above where we were at from last year.

Jolene recommends placing a small note about Cvent being down on our website. Jolene will email Josh about the down-time.Kevin recommends shortening the conference/member survey. The survey was distributed to members last week. Please review and make suggestions to cuts or edits to Kevin by October 29th. This will provide enough time for us to make revisions before the launch immediately after the conference on November 19th.

III. Webinar Update – web-enabled? (Patrick) No update at this time.

IV. Sponsorship Update (Allison)
New sponsors would need to get to us by the 15th of October in order to make it into the conference program.

V. Election (Ron)
We have candidates. They are in the newsletter and Josh will soon get them up on the website.
Voting will take place October 26th through November 5th. Ron will draft the messaging for the invitation to vote and send to Jolene to distribute.

VI. Mixer (Josh/Colleen)
Is anyone aware of other major conferences in spring that we do not want to overlap? If so, please send these to Colleen.

VII. Conference (Ned/Dana)
Preliminary program has launched!
We need people to start booking rooms. Starting now, we will begin to request a booked room update from the hotel so we know where we stand with our block.
Matt and Ipek suggest asking the hotel to scan their bookings for that weekend so that we get credit for people who booked directly from the hotel site. Jeff Rodriguez (Ranka’s fill in person) has been very responsive so far.
Making final plans to secure discussants now.
Ron will be in communication with Allison about giving sponsors the appropriate credit for conference events.
Kevin and Ned will be in contact about scheduling the delivery of the MAPOR equipment – overheads, printer, signage, etc.
Student engagement: We will continue the Saturday lunch. We will also put together a happy hour for the Thursday before the conference. We will have student tables as well during the lunch.
Kevin will follow up with Jolene about getting a student ribbon for name badges.
Colleen would like to include early-career folks to the “student” events.

Next Meeting: Monday November 12, 1:00 ET/Noon CT