Dana Garbarski – Candidate for Vice President/President Elect

Dana Garbarski is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Loyola University Chicago. In 2018, she started a 3-year concurrent position as the Farrell Endowed Assistant Professor in Gannon Center for Women and Leadership. In this position, Dana is in charge of developing programming for faculty at her university that aids in fostering their research and professional development, in direct alignment with the goals of MAPOR Council’s updated Mission and Vision statements. As a sociologist, Dana’s research goals are to examine and inform the valid and reliable collection of survey data on health and well-being, with an intersectional focus on dimensions of race/ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, and sexuality. Her methodological focus is on survey methodology, as surveys are a core methodology through which social, behavioral, and medical researchers learn about the health and well-being of populations. Her work has been published in several journals in the fields of sociology, public opinion, survey research, and health. Dana has been a member of MAPOR since moving to Chicago in 2014. She has been serving on MAPOR Council since November 2015, first as a member-at-large and member of the MAPOR Conference Committee, then as Associate Conference Chair (2018) and now Conference Chair (2019). In addition, she organized the 2017 Interviewer-Respondent Interaction Working Group meeting at the MAPOR conference, and planned, organized, and moderated a panel on Women and Leadership in 2018. Dana has enjoyed working with and learning from the many wonderful volunteers on MAPOR Council and is looking forward to continuing her MAPOR service as Vice President/President-Elect.

Stephanie Chardoul – Candidate for Associate Secretary Treasurer

Stephanie Chardoul is the Director of Survey Research Operations (SRO) at the University of Michigan’s Survey Research Center (Institute for Social Research). She started in her current Director position February 2019, but has been with the Survey Research Center since 1990. During her tenure at SRC, she has been the Manager of the Survey Services Laboratory (telephone facility and more), a Survey Director, Director of the Project Design and Management Group (project managers and directors), and Director of Proposals (new project intake and design). Her substantive interests include cross-cultural survey methods, building survey research infrastructure, and mental health. Her presentation at MAPOR last year was on using event history calendars to improve recall and reporting rates on a survey of mental health in Nepal. Stephanie has been a member of the Data Collection Coordinating Centre for the long-running World Mental Health Survey Initiative (30+ countries, since 1999), and is the Director of the WHO Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI) Training Centre. As SRO Director, she leads a department of 170 full-time staff and up to 1000 interviewers across the country. Throughout her career, Stephanie has been involved with both IFDTC and AAPOR, and more recently has become active with MAPOR and AASRO and values these organizations especially for their smaller size and opportunities for learning and sharing.

Lindsey Witt-Swanson – Candidate for Associate Secretary Treasurer

Lindsey Witt-Swanson has been with the Bureau of Sociological Research (BOSR) at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln for eight years. As the Associate Directors, Lindsey assists clients and researchers with their research and evaluation projects, ensures that BOSR is utilizing the most up-to-date methods and knowledgeable of changes in the field, oversees BOSR’s staff of 125 employees, and is responsible for BOSR’s financial health and growth. Lindsey currently serves as the chair of the Survey Committee for the Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations (AASRO) and co-treasurer for the International Field Directors and Technologies Conference (IFD&TC). Lindsey has been a member of AAPOR and MAPOR since joining BOSR. Lindsey received her BA in Political Science at Creighton University and her MS in Survey Research and Methodology at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. 

Y. Patrick Hsieh – Candidate for Associate Conference Chair

Y. Patrick Hsieh is a research survey methodologist and digital sociologist in the Survey Research Division at the RTI International. International. His expertise includes developing mixed-method research, designing social media campaign for sample recruitment, and integrating digital technologies and technology-enabled research practices, such as crowdsourcing and citizen science, into survey methodology to improve research design and data quality. Patrick has served on the MAPOR Council as the webinar series coordinator since 2016 and is a member of MAPOR Conference Committee since 2018. He also assisted the AAPOR Education Committee’s Diversity Subcommittee to organize and host the very first SurveyFest in Chicago in 2018. Patrick earned his Ph.D. in media, technology, and society at Northwestern University’s School of Communication in 2014, prior to joining RTI International. Patrick’s dissertation has won the best student paper award of MAPOR in 2013 and he has been attending MAPOR since then. He looks forward to continuing his MAPOR service as Associate Conference Chair. 

David Sterrett – Candidate for Associate Conference Chair

David Sterrett is a Senior Research Scientist at NORC at the University of Chicago. He has attended and presented at the last eight MAPOR conferences, and served as the student liaison to the MAPOR executive council from 2013-2014.  David is involved in AAPOR as well, presenting regularly and is currently serving on the Education Committee. In addition, David is a past member of the AAPOR Transitions from Telephone to Mixed Mode Survey Taskforce and past chair of the Chapter Liaison Subcommittee of the Membership and Chapter Relations Committee. David’s research focuses on political attitudes, survey methodology, and the public’s news habits. His research has been published in journals including Public Opinion Quarterly, Digital Journalism, and Political Behavior. He earned his PhD. in Political Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago and his B.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University.

Ed Ledek – Candidate for Vice President/President Elect

Ed Ledek is currently the Chief Research Officer / Co-Founder at Clear Insights Group. A public opinion research firm, headquartered in Lehi, Utah. He is directly involved and oversees a variety of tasks, involving both client facing activities and internal operations and data delivery. Ed has been a professional researcher since 1980. And, even before that, he was introduced to the world of public opinion, voting and polling as young boy and into his teenage years. Over his career, he has worked with the Census Bureau, full service research firms and field service operations firms. Ed has additionally held various leadership and volunteer positions within the MRA, PAPOR, AAPOR and the SWMRA. Additionally, he has worked with NGOs teaching an “Applied Research Methods” course in developing democracies around the world. In his “non-work” time, Ed enjoys reading, sports (participating and watching) and travel. He hopes to put his Brigham Young University (1984-1989) history degree to work in a more formal capacity — teaching High School students — when “done” with his research career. Ultimately, Ed’s length and breadth of experience across the research vertical, will assist in understanding both the needs of our MAPOR members and, in a broader context, how to succeed in today’s business climate.

Ashley Hyon – Candidate for Assoc. Conf. Chair

Ashley Hyon is currently the Vice President of Research & Survey Methods at Marketing Systems Group.  She provides high level consultation on survey methodology and recruitment strategy. She is keenly familiar with all sampling techniques for both quantitative and qualitative research and works closely with clients to determine the best survey design while establishing and maintaining excellent collaborative partnerships.  She graduated in 1994 with a Dual Major BBA in Marketing and International Business from Temple University and has recently completed her Masters in Survey Research at University of Connecticut. Moreover, she is active in various professional organizations and is continuously identifying upcoming trends in survey research to provide insight on the development new products and services.

She is also the Past President of PANJAAPOR and has served on the board for 5 years as the Associate Chair and then Chair of the Program Committee followed by the various stages of presidency.  Ashley also volunteers at the national AAPOR conferences any way she can.  In previous conferences she volunteered for various roles such as a student poster judge, a docent and ran the 2018 Speed Networking Event in Denver.

Ned English – Candidate for VP/Pres

Ned English is a Senior Research Methodologist at NORC at the University of Chicago.  He is also a lecturer at the Harris School of Public Policy Research at the University of Chicago, teaching Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications in the Social Sciences. Ned earned his M.S. in Geography from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his B.S. in Geography from McGill University.

Ned is currently serving as MAPOR Conference Chair, having been Associate-Conference Chair during the prior year.   He also served as MAPOR Secretary-Treasurer and Associate Secretary Treasurer from 2015-17.  Ned co-taught a short-course on Address-Based Sampling with Colm O’Muircheartaigh at the 2012 conference.  He is involved in AAPOR as well, presenting regularly and is currently the chair of the Standard Definitions Committee.  In addition, Ned is a past member of the AAPOR Address-Based Sampling (ABS) Taskforce, past chair of the Chapter Liaison Subcommittee of the Membership and Chapter Relations Committee, and past member of the AAPOR Communications and Standards Committees.

Ned’s primary research interest is the use of GIS and spatial analysis in survey research, focusing on sample design, hard-to-reach populations, address geocoding, linkage to extant social and environmental data, and non-response analysis.  Ned was involved with some of the key early research on ABS designs and continues working in this area.  His research has been published in journals including Public Opinion Quarterly,Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, Survey Practice, Field Methods, the Journal of Gerontology, and the American Journal of Public Health.

Now a proud Midwest transplant, Ned made the journey from Boston to Chicago (via Montreal and Madison) 17 years ago. When not conducting survey research he enjoys music, travel, and running.

Mary Losch – Candidate for VP/Pres

Mary Losch is Professor of Psychology and Director of the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Center for Social and Behavioral Research (CSBR).  The Center conducts applied research utilizing numerous types of survey and other quantitative and qualitative methods to support academic research, evaluate programs and inform policy decision-making at the local, state and national level. Mary received her PhD at the University of Iowa (UI) studying attitudes and psychophysiology with John Cacioppo and then entered the private sector as a survey research analyst. From 1988-1998 she was the Program Director at the UI Social Science Institute.  At UI, she served as vice-chair of the social science IRB and served on the Ad Hoc Conflict of Interest Committee.  In 1998, she joined the faculty at UNI and became Assistant Director of the Center for Social and Behavioral Research where she was named Director in 2014.  Mary’s service at UNI has included chairing the IRB committee from 2001-2006.  In 2008, she served on the steering committee to establish the Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations (AASRO).  Mary has directed dozens of survey and applied research projects in the areas of public policy, health behavior, and program evaluation among others.  She serves as a reviewer for a several academic journals including Public Opinion Quarterly and hascontributed to Survey Practiceand many other social science and public health journals.


Mary has been an active member of MAPOR since 2014 and a member of AAPOR since 1991.  Mary has served the AAPOR organization in a variety of roles.  At annual meetings, she has been a conference presenter, session chair, and discussant.  She has served two terms on AAPOR’s Executive Council and on numerous committees.  On the Executive Council, she has served as Standards Chair (2008-2009) and in2014-2015 as Secretary-Treasurer.  As a member of the Standards Committee (2001-2009), she chaired the IRB Task Force and led the effort to revise and update the AAPOR Statement to IRBs. While Secretary-Treasurer, she also served on the Conference Steering Committee, Development Committee, Financial Oversight Committee, Investment Committee and Ad Hoc Sustaining Sponsorship Committee.  Other AAPOR service includes chairing theAd Hoc Committee to Review the Code of Professional Ethics and Practice (2009-2010) and serving as a member of the same committee in 2014-2015. During 2014-2015 she served as a member of the Ad Hoc TCPA Committee and served on the AAPOR Transparency Initiative Coordinating Committee 2012-2018.  She was a member of the AAPOR Award Committee in 2014-2015 and a member of the 2018 Policy Impact Award Committee.