MAPOR SPOTLIGHT of the MONTH:  Our MAPOR Spotlight of the Month is for Conference Chairs Leah and Patrick and the entire supporting crew who made the Conference a successful event! Thanks to all for your hard work and your service to MAPOR.  

MAPOR Mission Statement

We provide high-quality educational and conference programs to encourage scholarly exchanges across disciplines and geographies, broaden member access to mentors and resources, and bolster opportunities for leadership and innovations. We join forces with AAPOR, academic institutions, and government and industry employers to develop a thriving community that supports all MAPOR members, including students, scholars, and professionals in every stage of their career.

MAPOR Vision Statement

MAPOR is a leading voice in public opinion, survey, and social science scholarship, methods, and practice among regional professional associations. We are an inclusive and supportive community that enables our diverse members to achieve their educational, professional development, and networking goals. 


Attendees: Justine, Ben, Curtiss, Kevin, Rebecca, Leah, Paul, Patrick, Lindsey, and Erin

  1. Welcome Executive Council! 
    1. New members: Paul DiPerna, Curtiss Engstrom, Shalise Ayromloo, Jenny Marlar
    2. Introductions
  1. MAPOR documents and procedures
    1. Vision and Mission Statements:
    2. Bylaws:
    3. Robert’s Rules of Order:
  1. 2022-2023 Council Transition           (Justine/All)
    1. Monthly meeting schedule
      1. MLK day meeting has been moved
      2. President’s Day meeting has been moved
      3. Juneteenth meeting has been moved


  1. Proposed committees/Revisions to committee structure (listed below and for discussion)
    1. Communication/Website

Updates website, maintains technical assets, oversees and disseminates newsletter

  1. Ongoing Online Learning Committee Updates

We discussed a new ad hoc group to take on the membership survey, which would be chaired by Justine and include Lindsey, Curtiss, someone from the communication committee, and Leah.

  1. 2021 Conference Debrief                         (Leah/Patrick/All)
    1. General Discussion about the hybrid model

Leah does not believe the virtual presentations are worth continuing. Presenters appreciated it, but it was a struggle on the moderator side. Patrick is likely not going to include the virtual presenter options in 2023. Need to consider if short course ideas will bring in enough participants to pay for the speaker costs. Also discussed raising the short course rates again to pre-COVID rates. Otherwise, everyone was happy with the speakers and happy to be back in-person. For next year, try to stop using Lakeview. It’s either too hot or loud.

  1. All expenses paid?
    1. Hotel
    2. Tech rental 
    3. Speakers 
    4. Student award winners
    5. Student grants 

Everything is paid but one speaker. Lindsey will pay her this week. 

  1. Thank you notes to sponsors 

Kevin will send out thank you’s. 

  1. Business meeting items?

Some members suggested moving the lunch back to conference space. We have membership survey data showing people like the atrium. Maybe add MAPOR table tents and make sure there are enough tables and chairs when the conference begins. 

  1. 2023 Conference             (Patrick)
    1. Conference support committee 
    2. Check with hotel about 2021 contract plans
    3. Review of Conference Survey data for next month’s meeting?

Patrick wants to reach out to research organizations who do not typically need attend. 

  1. Secretary Treasurer’s Report                     (Lindsey)
    1. Financial updates
      1. Banking: $18,735.05
      2. Savings: $47,212.24
    2. Membership list updates
    3. Tentative tasks for 2023
      1. Member survey for 2023?
      2. Not for Profit Annual Report filing

Lindsey hope to works on the membership list between Christmas and New Year’s. Lindsey’ 2023 goals are to submit and get approval for the State of Illinois tax exemption and get the remainder payment scenarios into Cvent so we can cancel and iAccess.

The group approved contributing $1,500 for the AAPOR All Chapter Party.

  1. Communications/Website               (Benjamin)
    1. Engagement plan/strategy 
    2. Spring newsletter
    3. Updates with new members

Benjamin needs a log in to Word Press. We need to have a conversation about whether we continue with Twitter. Justine and Ben will determine the 2023 newsletter timings. We also discussed sending mini-newsletters instead of the four, traditional newsletters. Kevin will think about what that means for sponsorships.

  1. Awards, Grants, and Support Committee
    1. Set meeting and goals for 2023
    2. Tentative tasks for 2023
      1. Review Conference Feedback 
      2. Evaluate Student Fellowship Program
      3. Evaluate Student Grants Program
  1. Sponsorship   (Kevin)
  1. Online Learning Committee   (Rebecca)
    1. Set meeting to discuss goals for 2023
    2. Webinars
    3. Other events? 
      1. Resume review? 
      2. Speed networking?

Rebecca asked for an online learning committee email address. Lindsey offered to host a Cvent training. Patrick will see to whom he designated the webinar email address. Lindsey can create a Cvent account with it when all the members of the committee have access to the email address. We discussed having a central place for account passwords. 

  1. Other business
    1. Mixers in 2023?

Council members

President – Justine Bulgar-Medina

Vice President / President Elect – Leah Dean

Past President – Kevin Ulrich

Conference Chair – Patrick Hsieh

Associate Conference Chair – Jenny Marlar

Secretary-Treasurer – Lindsey Witt-Swanson

Sponsorship Coordinator –Kevin Ulrich

Student Liaison – Curtiss Engstrom

Communications & Website Chair – Benjamin Schapiro

Members at Large – Erin Heiden, Rebecca Powell, Jerry Timbrook, Paul DiPerna, Shalise Ayromloo

Proposed Committees

Conference Committee – Patrick, Jenny, Shalise 

Online Learning Committee – Rebecca Powell (Chair),  Erin Heiden, Jerry Timbrook

Awards, Grants, and Support Committee – Paul DiPerna, Curtiss Engstrom

Secretary Treasurer Support – Lindsey Witt-Swanson, Justine Bulgar-Medina

Communications Support – Benjamin Schapiro, Curtiss Engstrom, Leah Dean