June 17, 2019

Attendees: Kevin, Ipek, Ned, Ron, Allison, Colleen, Josh, Dana, Patrick, Sara,


  1. 2019 Conference                                                                                                                                             (Dana)
  1. Abstract submission updates
  • Announcement(s)
  • Student Paper Competition
  • Meeting w/ the hotel
  • Anything else?

Ned and Dana met with folks at Embassy Suites. Meeting went well and they appreciated touching base with the staff. They mentioned to them a few changes they wanted to implement.

11 submissions to the site so far. The number of submissions is comparable to previous years. We know that most of the submissions come close to the deadline. Postings have been going out on AAPORnet and our social media. Next announcement will be the newsletter which will go out soon. We may extend the deadline if it doesn’t affect our ability to conduct the abstract review.

Conference committee will meet soon and have a few more agenda items for our next meeting.

  1. Treasurer’s Report                                                                                                                                         (Kevin)
  1. Budget updates
  • b.       Getting back MAPOR items from AAPOR

Checking: $18,306.66

Savings: $45,020.23

Kevin gave his card to Adam Thocher and asked to have the items sent to him at the UChicago Survey Lab. No items have yet arrived. Kevin will reach out to Adam to see if the items have been sent.

  1. Communications                                                                                                                                          (Justine)
  1. June Newsletter
  • Plans on upcoming social media postings
  • MAPOR Vision and Mission (Website update, Announcements to membership)

Justine has a few more social media posts to go out in the next few weeks advocating for conference submissions. If anyone has other suggestions for social media posts please reach out to Justine.

Justine will unpin the AAPOR posts and change them to posts concerning the conference.

The spring newsletter is ready in draft form and she will circulate to EC to review. ETA to go out this week. Please review and send feedback to Justine.

Need to finalize a plan to distribute MAPOR vision and mission. This will be coming out in the newsletter, Ipek and Justine will discuss rolling this out on the website. Ipek would like to have some discussion in the newsletter about the process of how the vision/mission statement was created so members don’t feel like it came from nowhere. Justine and Mandy will work to include this.

  1. Sponsorship                                                                                                                                                    (Allison)

Allison will reach out to Ron to set up a time to meet and discuss the plan to reach out to our sponsors. This timeframe was about the time they started reaching out to sponsors last year.

  • MAPOR Reserves Policy                                                                                                                                   (Ron)

Ron, Kevin, and Mary drafted a policy for EC to review. They recommend keeping the amount for operational reserves to be somewhere between a full year of our average operating costs, or half of a full year of operating costs. The “average” would be the average operating costs from the most recent 3 past years. (For 2019, the average annual operating costs from the last 3 years is $42,712.)

Patrick wants to make sure that any amount we ultimately spend takes into consideration being able to spend funds going into the next several years. We wouldn’t want to spend all of the remaining funds after this year, and then not be able to sustain that level of spending going into future years.

Kevin notes that this policy only creates an amount that will not be spent during the fiscal year, it does not make a recommendation about how much of the remaining amount should be spent. the group of Mary, Ron, and Kevin agreed that the designation of what to spend should be determined through a separate policy. Ipek plans to discuss this in more detail with EC during the in-person meeting in September. 

Ron proposed that we change the policy to reflect that we should maintain ¾ of the average three-year operating costs to the operational reserves.

Ned seconded the motion.

Council voted majority to approve the motion.

There were no objections or abstentions.

The motion is accepted.

  • Executive Council Face-to-Face Meeting                                                                                                    (Ipek)

Ipek spoke with several EC members about having an in-person meeting and she feels a majority of the EC see value in conducting the meeting this year. Ipek will send a Doodle poll to EC about a date in September for the in-person meeting.

  • Executive Council Input on Nominations and Fellows                                                                            (Ipek)

Please add your input for nominations for EC. Should we implement the voting in Cvent or another platform? Ipek will set up a meeting for Ron, Ipek, and Kevin to discuss how we will roll out the elections. We should select the option that is easiest to implement while maintaining the security of members’ votes.

  • Next Meeting: July 15 @ Noon CST/1:00 EST                                                                                            (Ipek)
  1. Do we need to reschedule due to the ESRA Conference?

Ned and Ipek will send out a Doodle to determine the best day and time to move the meeting. Ipek will be out for two weeks, so Ned will need to chair the meeting.

  1. Anything else?                                                                                                              

Kevin received notification about re-certifying MAPOR’s PCI Certification. Ipek will an this as an agenda item for next month’s meeting and Kevin will give an update on progress.