October 17, 2022

12:30 – 2:00 CST / 1:30 pm – 3:00pm EST


Many thanks to the entire Executive Council for all of your work in preparing for the conference this year! It was a pleasure to serve with all of you. 

MAPOR Mission Statement

We provide high-quality educational and conference programs to encourage scholarly exchanges across disciplines and geographies, broaden member access to mentors and resources, and bolster opportunities for leadership and innovations. We join forces with AAPOR, academic institutions, and government and industry employers to develop a thriving community that supports all MAPOR members, including students, scholars, and professionals in every stage of their career.

MAPOR Vision Statement

MAPOR is a leading voice in public opinion, survey, and social science scholarship, methods, and practice among regional professional associations. We are an inclusive and supportive community that enables our diverse members to achieve their educational, professional development, and networking goals. 


Attendees: Evgenia, Erin, Leah, Lindsey, Kevin, Hillary, Benjamin, Rebecca, David, Dana and Patrick

  1. Approval of last meeting’s minutes 


  1. 2022 Conference             (Leah)
    1. Conference support committee updates
    2. Call for participation update
    3. Registration update

Currently, we have 55 registrants: 41 general and 14 student registrants. Leah will send out reminders this week and next week. All of the event orders are ready to go, but the hotel suggested waiting to submit them until 11/11 when we have final numbers. One of the short conference presenters had to drop out, but they have a replacement. We will get that changed on the website and Cvent. Leah is working on the program. RTI will provide a graphic designer for the programmer. Leah is working on assigning the moderators to the sessions. Leah will also send an email to all presenters with length and other presentation specifications. Virtual presenters will need to send a recording of their presentation before the conference with a clear contact information slide so conference participants can reach out to them with questions. Leah will reach out to Evgenia and Benjamin to get folks paired for the networking coffee. The hotel did not give us a minimum room block but did express that they may have limited capacity past the block maximum. 

Allyson Holbrook is working on the student paper competition. Evgenia suggested having more than one student paper winner for each category in future years. Kevin will reach out to Allyson with the suggestion. We discussed rewording the description to be vaguer about the number of paper winners knowing we may not always have enough submissions or funds to pay multiple winners for each category every year.

Kevin will set up a What’s Ap group for the EC to use at the conference. Leah and Patrick will connect with the hotel AV staff. 

Lindsey and Kevin will figure out what we need for supplies, so we have them before we set up Thursday night.  

  1. Secretary / Treasurer’s Report   (Lindsey)
    1. Financial updates

Checking: $44,693.83

Savings: $47,211.46

  1. Illinois Tax Exemption Form Rejected
  2. Registered agent form for 2022 is hopefully now paid
  3. We need to get Leah added to the bank account and get her a debit card.
  1. Communications                     (Benjamin)
    1. Next newsletter – deadline for content is due

Benjamin will get the newsletter out and post on social media. 

  1. Website                           (Hillary)

Hillary will post the newsletter and updated program on the website. 

  1. Awards, Grants, and Support Committee (Bob)
    1. Communications for MAPOR support grants
    2. Communications to student presenters

Leah will put together a list of students who will present at the conference, so Evgenia and Bob can inform them of the grant opportunity. Bob sent the email a few weeks ago. 

Evgenia will schedule the student events. 

The applicants are either approved or not and paid as they come along. So far, two people have been accepted and paid. Our budget is $8,000 a year, so we can give out more if applicants come in.

  1. Sponsorship (Dana)

All the sponsor artwork is in and the website can now be updated. We are waiting for two outstanding sponsor payments. Patrick will make a screensaver with sponsor logos. Then, folks can test it out.

We will have four or five sponsor exhibit tables. No one should need name tags. Leah will let the hotel know that we need these tables set up for Thursday night. 

  1. Online Learning Committee               (Justine)

The fall webinar series will take place on SOGI, veterans affairs, and racial inclusivity and cultural competency topics. This will be a three-part series leading into the conference. They will put together one registration process, and attendees will be able to attend as much as they are able to throughout the three weeks. 

The information will go out soon.

  1. Other business

The deadline to add anyone to the ballot is tomorrow. The election has to be completed 11/9.

There will not be an EC meeting in November. Then, Justine will work on schedule meetings moving forward. 

Council members

President – Kevin Ulrich

Vice President / President Elect – Justine Bulgar-Medina

Past President – Dana Garbarski

Conference Chair – Leah Dean

Associate Conference Chair – Patrick Hsieh

Secretary-Treasurer – Lindsey Witt-Swanson

Website Coordinator – Hillary Hanson

Sponsorship Coordinator – Dana Garbarski

Student Liaison – Evgenia Kapousouz

Communications Chair – Benjamin Schapiro

Members at Large – Bob Davis, Erin Heiden, Rebecca Powell, David Sterrett, Jerry Timbrook


Conference Committee – Leah Dean (Chair), Patrick Hsieh, David Sterrett

Online Learning Committee – Justine Bulgar-Medina (Chair), Erin Heiden, Rebecca Powell, Jerry Timbrook

Awards, Grants, and Support Committee – Bob Davis (Chair), Evgenia Kapousouz

Secretary Treasurer Support – Lindsey Witt-Swanson, Kevin Ulrich 

Communications Support – Benjamin Schapiro, Justine Bulgar-Medina, Evgenia Kapousouz

AAPOR Conference Committee – TBD