2017 – 2018 MAPOR Executive Council


Below is the list of MAPOR officers and their respective affiliations.

Ron Langley
University of Kentucky
Ipek Bilgen
VP / Pres. Elect
NORC at the University of Chicago
Matthew Courser
Past President
Ned English
Conference Chair
NORC at the University of Chicago
Dana Garbarski
Associate Conference Chair
Loyola University Chicago
Jolene Smyth
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Kevin Ulrich
Associate Secretary-Treasurer
University of Chicago Survey Lab
Allison Sullivan
Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator
Civis Analytics
Mandy Sha
Communications Coordinator
Independent Consultant
Patrick Hsieh
Webinar Coordinator
RTI International
Colleen McClain
Student Liaison
University of Michigan
Josh Pasek
University of Michigan
Sara Walsh
NORC at the University of Chicago
Vanessa Flowers
Communications Committee
NORC at the University of Chicago

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