"Midwest" ... it's a state of mind.

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MAPOR is pleased to announce our newest MAPOR Fellow—Allyson Holbrook of the University of Illinois—Chicago.  Congrats, Allyson!

We would like to congratulate our 2021 Student Paper Award Winners:

Doris A. Graber Award for Best Public Opinion Paper

Eileen Wu from Northwestern University for her paper “The Moderating Role of Democratic Governance in the Association between Personal Values and Political Ideologies”

Allan L. McCutcheon Award for Best Methodology Paper

Micha Fischer from the University of Michigan for his paper “Parametric and Tree-Based Models for Missing Data Imputation”

We would also like to recognize our 2021 MAPOR Student Fellowship participants and thank our MAPOR fellows for their mentorship.

  • Kruthika Kamath worked with Joe Murphy
  • Rafiuddin Najam worked with Leo Jeffres
  • Robert Schultz worked with Paul Lavrakas

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The Fall 2021 MAPOR newsletter is now available here!

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46th Annual Conference 

November 19-20, 2021

Held at the Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown (600 N. State Street) and Virtually (accessible via internet connection)

The Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research’s annual conference welcomes abstract submissions on any topic related to public opinion research, communication, or survey research methodology. This year, we are accepting submissions for the following types of presentations: papers, methodological briefs, posters, and panels of papers. We are particularly interested in papers that relate to our conference theme:

Reconnecting and Reevaluating: Assessing the Foundations and Future of Public Opinion Research

This year’s conference theme focuses on the MAPOR community’s chance to come together to reexamine survey, communication, and public opinion research. The 2021 conference provides an opportunity to explore what traditional methods, theories, and principles remain valid and which need further evolution and innovation during this period of significant societal change.  

Conference Program is available here

Conference registration is available here

Hotel reservation is available here


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