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MAPOR Fall 2019 Newsletter

The 2019 Fall issue of MAPOR Newsletter is now available!

The fall 2019 Newsletter is now available!  Find out about our upcoming webinar, 44th annual MAPOR conference next month, and Executive Council elections!

Inside this issue:

  • Presidential Address
  • 2019 Conference Information
  • MAPOR Reserves Policy (New!)
  • 2019-2020 Executive Council Elections
  • Don’t miss MAPOR’s Fall Webinar October 9th! Register online at http://www.mapor.org/webinars

MAPOR October 9 Webinar

Discussion and Practical Application of Data Visualization Best Practices

Edward Mulrow, Ph.D.
Nola du Toit, Ph.D.

NORC at the University of Chicago

NORC at the University of Chicago

October 9th, 12-1 pm central time

$10 for students, $40 for non-student MAPOR members, $50 for non-members

Register here

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2019 Annual Conference

Where Methods and Substance Meet:

Reflecting the Present and Shaping the Future of Public Opinion and Survey Research

November 22-23, 2019

Embassy Suites, Downtown Chicago, 600 N. State Street, Chicago, IL 60654

Conference Chair: Dana Garbarski, Loyola University Chicago

Associate Conference Chair: Sara Walsh, NORC at the University of Chicago

This year, our conference theme encourages us to extend the strengths of the MAPOR community in our methodological and substantive research interests and focus on their intersection—how they shape and are shaped by each other. For example, how interviewers’ behaviors shape respondents’ survey answers and vice versa, how methods of gathering public opinion data may shape public opinion, and so forth. Our conference will feature many interesting sessions on all facets of research related to public opinion, communication, survey research, and their methodologies. We are looking forward to seeing you in November at the conference!

–Dana Garbarski, 2019 MAPOR Conference Chair

Conference highlights:

Short course on "Survey Weighting: Everything from Basic Concepts to Advanced Applications"

Brady West, Research Associate Professor at the Survey Research Center in the Institute for Social Research at University of Michigan

Keynote on "Privacy, Politics and Data for Policy in U.S. Censuses"

Recording of talk now available HERE

Barbara Anderson, Ronald A. Freedman Collegiate Professor of Sociology and Population Studies at University of Michigan and former member and chair of the Census Scientific Advisory Committee

Pedagogy Hour on "The Measurement of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Surveys"

Justine Bulgar-Medina, Research Scientist at NORC at the University of Chicago

The final conference program is available here:

Conference Program

Conference presentations (organized by day and room) available here:

Conference Presentations


Information about our past conferences can be found here.

You’re invited to MAPOR Winter Mixer

Where:  Monk’s Pub at 205 W. Lake Street

When: Tuesday, March 10th from 5:00-7:00PM

What: A networking opportunity not to be missed, with MAPOR members and AAPOR Council.

In Memory of MAPOR Fellow Doris Graber

Professor Emeritus Doris A. Graber passed away at her Evanston home on February 17, 2018. Dr. Graber, a political scientist who spent most of her academic career at the University of Illinois in Chicago with additional appointments at Northwestern, the University of Chicago and Harvard, was a researcher and prolific author including 15 textbooks and over 50 book chapters and lectures worldwide. She provided seminal work on the effect of public opinion on the presidency and foreign policy, the role of the media in American politics and political psychology.

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