April 19, 2021

12:30 – 2:00 CST/1:30 pm – 3:00pm EST

Zoom invite

MAPOR MOMENT of the MONTH:  Our MAPOR Moment of the Month goes to Kevin Ulrich who is working to support Lindsey Witt-Swanson as she transitions to Secretary-Treasurer. We are so grateful to Kevin for his knowledge and willingness to serve!


Attendees: Dana, Kevin, Lindsey, Hillary, Evgenia, David, Bob, Ned, Sara, Patrick, Justine, and Leah

  1. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

Minutes were approved from the March meeting.

  1. 2021 Conference             (David, Leah)
    1. Updates

The committee will look at the in-person vs. virtual breakout in the member survey and will administer another survey in July. They will then decide on format by Labor Day to get numbers to the hotel. The audio/visual vendor prices are really high and not really affordable even if they simply record the sessions ($15K) and post them on the website. David is going to go back to them again. There was a lot of discussion about using Zoom. We could have four Zoom rooms to coincide with the four physical session rooms. Virtual presenters could present live while virtual attendees can watch sessions live as well. David thought he could maybe get some RAs to help with the Zoom component, or have an additional position for each session in addition to the moderator. The hotel has updated microphones, monitors and other tech that we can use. David will schedule a walk-through with the hotel to test the tech abilities and decide what we need to buy. The abstract submission will ask how they plan to present if their abstract is accepted. 

  1. Member Survey (Lindsey, Kevin, Hillary)
    1. Updates

The Member survey had a 43% response rate. Evgenia will have the Member survey analyzed in the next 10 days. She emailed the results of the conference delivery type questions. 

  1. Treasurer’s Report                           (Lindsey, Kevin)
    1. Updates

Chase checking: $28,269.82

Chase savings: $46,968.49

The taxes are done. Lindsey will have access to the Chase account by the end of the month. The new CVent contract ($1300, needs to be signed by July 1) was approved by the membership.

  1. Communications                     (Justine)
    1. Newsletter
    2. Updates

The webinar information went on social media today. Justine will post more on social media between now and the webinar. The newsletter will go on the website very soon. Justine reached out to people who have major parts of the summer newsletter to start thinking about that content.

  1. Website                             (Patrick, Dana, Hillary)
    1. Updates

No updates

  1. Webinars             (Patrick, Lindsey)
    1. April Webinar update
    2. [2021 webinar in  October]

Patrick renewed the go to webinar service. The webinar dry run is scheduled with the presenters. The social media content has been shared with the presenters. They wanted to circulate it too. 

  1. Sponsorship (John, Bob, Dana)
    1. Updates

John is going through the old documentation, and will make a push post-AAPOR.

  1. Student Fellowship Program (Ned, Dana, Evgenia)
    1. Updates

The students will start meeting with the fellows. Dana will check in with them next month to see how it is going. 

  1. Student/Early career programs                             (Ned, Dana, Evgenia, Leah)
    1. Draft student and colleague support award applications, to be released around the time of the MAPOR call for abstracts
    2. Dana wants to submit the above Google doc with the call for abstracts. Send any feedback to Dana by the end of next Monday (4/26). Please use the comment feature.
  1. Outreach committee     (Evgenia, Bob, David)
    1. Kevin will share the participants of the past three conferences. Evgenia will send emails a few different groups two weeks after the call for abstracts goes out as a reminder. Evgenia would also like to identify individual professors to email if she can by end of June.
  1. Other committees that will have work at a later date/next council:
    1. Colleague grants/tiered registration (Ned, Dana, Stephanie)
    2. MAPOR Fellow nomination criteria (Ned, Dana)
    3. Speed Networking (Ned, Justine)
    4. MAPOR conference attendee Code of Conduct (TBD)
    5. Bylaws update (TBD)
  1. Other business?                                                                                                        

No other business

Committee Composition

  1. Conference (Sara, Ned, Dana, David, Leah)
  2. Sponsorship (John and Bob)
  3. Webinar (Patrick, Lindsey)
  4. Website (Patrick, Hillary, Dana)
  5. Communications (Justine)
  6. Sec-treas support (Lindsey, Kevin, Hillary)
  7. Student Fellowship Program (Ned, Dana, Evgenia)
  8. Student/Early career programs  (Ned, Dana, Stephanie, Evgenia, Leah)
  9. Colleague grants/tiered registration (Ned, Dana)
  10. Outreach committee (Evgenia, Lindsey, Bob, David)
  11. MAPOR Fellow nomination criteria (Ned, Dana)
  12. Speed Networking (Ned, Justine)
  13. MAPOR conference attendee Code of Conduct (TBD)

Council members

President – Dana Garbarski

Vice President – Kevin Ulrich

Past President – Ned English

Conference Chair – David Sterrett

Associate Conference Chair – Leah Dean

Secretary-Treasurer – Lindsey Witt-Swanson

Associate Secretary-Treasurer – Vacant

Members at Large – Bob Davis, Hillary Hanson, Ed Ledek, Sara Walsh

Sponsorship Coordinator – John Stevenson 

Webinar and Website Coordinator – Patrick Hsieh

Communications Chair – Justine Bulgar-Medina

Student Liaison- Evgenia Kapousouz