June 13, 2022

12:30 – 2:00 CST / 1:30 pm – 3:00pm EST


The spotlight for this month goes out to Lindsey for staying on top of MAPOR finances! It is a never-ending job and we appreciate you keeping us accountable to the membership! 

And Hillary for her hard work with everything GoDaddy!

Attendees: Erin, Patrick, Lindsey, Justine, Kevin, Bob, Leah, Rebecca, Dane, Evgenia, and David

MAPOR Mission Statement

We provide high-quality educational and conference programs to encourage scholarly exchanges across disciplines and geographies, broaden member access to mentors and resources, and bolster opportunities for leadership and innovations. We join forces with AAPOR, academic institutions, and government and industry employers to develop a thriving community that supports all MAPOR members, including students, scholars, and professionals in every stage of their career.

MAPOR Vision Statement

MAPOR is a leading voice in public opinion, survey, and social science scholarship, methods, and practice among regional professional associations. We are an inclusive and supportive community that enables our diverse members to achieve their educational, professional development, and networking goals. 


  1. Approval of last meeting’s minutes 


  1. 2022 Conference             (Leah)
    1. Conference support committee updates
    2. Call for participation

The Call for participation is out. We had one submission as of Friday. Leah will do a reminder after the July 4th weekend and a reminder the week of the deadline. Then, we can assess in July whether or not to extend the deadline. We have until October 31st to decide on the size of the room block, and then we finalize food a month prior to the conference. Leah wants to have a good idea of in-person/hybrid preferences in August. Evgenia will send Leah an email about a networking space idea she has.  Patrick had an idea to maybe let folks use conference space for lunch to allow folks to spread out. He also asked if we could have another room to have more options during the sessions allowing folks to spread out knowing that many people are attending the conference for the in-person opportunity. David shared that we had the option for more rooms last year, but we did not think we would need them all. David also shared that the conference rooms were open to folks to use during lunch last year.

  1. Secretary / Treasurer’s Report (Lindsey)
    1. Financial updates
      1. Checking: $27,906.20
      2. Savings: $46,709.91
    2. Membership survey update
      1. Lindsey has analyzed the results and will send them to the EC. She needs to write up the piece for the newsletter.
    3. MAPOR privacy policy
      1. Can we use the template from AAPOR?
      2. They will send us the template soon.
    4. Credit Card Processing
      1. Lindsey got cost information from Cvent and did cost calculations. Cvent is much cheaper than what we are currently paying. Lindsey asked for permission to move ahead on switching to the Cvent credit card option.
      2. Bob confirmed with PAPOR that running credit card payments through Cvent has worked well for them. 
      3. Lindsey will work with Cvent to make this change.
    5. Illinois Sales Tax Exemption
      1. There are a number of documents we need that I can’t find in the Google Drive.
      2. Lindsey and Kevin will connect
  1. Communications                     (Benjamin)

Notes from Ben given to Kevin:

The newsletter is currently scheduled for July 11th. We could push it back a week if necessary, but because it’s meant to support the call for participation, I don’t want to send it too close to the 29th.

In order to make July 11th, I would need all articles by July 6th.  I know that’ll be tricky with the Rene interview, because he’s out of the country on vacation or at meetings through the end of June.

Do we have a MAPORtraits person selected yet?

Twitter and facebook are performing decently well, but engagements help – if you use either in a professional context, considering liking MAPOR content, which increases its reach. 

  1. Summer newsletter upcoming – tentative timeline?
    1. Tribute to Sharon Dunwoody (DONE)
    2. Interview with GSS Director Rene Bautista (Waiting on NORC PR group)
    3. Membership survey results
    4. MAPORtraits
      1. Evgenia had the idea to do a portrait with Allison Holbrook the next newsletter after July.
      2. There was a lot of discussion about who to ask to do these (officers vs other MAPOR members). 
      3. Leah, Patrick, and Kevin will be in the next newsletter.
  1. Website                           (Hillary)

Hillary will get the special meeting minutes added. 

Patrick removed the year on the sponsorship page.

  1. Awards, Grants, and Support Committee (Bob)
    1. Student Fellowship Program
      1. Charlene Stainfeld
        1. Rick Perloff declined
        2. Kevin followed up with Rob Daves
      2. Linh Nguyen
        1. Nora Cate Schaeffer declined
  1. Communications for MAPOR support grants
    1. AASRO?
    2. Department heads?

The group agreed to open this up to MAPOR presidents if we are not able to get fellows onboard. Evgenia will reach out to Tim Johnson. Then, Bob, Kevin, and Evgenia will connect if Rick says no or they do not hear back from him.

  1. Sponsorship (Dana)

Dana is starting this. We are moving from the sponsorship signs to having the gold, silver, and bronze sponsors on the landing slide at the beginning of each session. Gold sponsor logos will be prominently displayed on the screen during the keynote and the pedagogy hour. She updated the sponsorship document with these ideas. Dana will have Kevin review the sponsorship document and then get the ball rolling.

  1. Online Learning Committee               (Justine)
    1. Other events? 
      1. Resume review? 
      2. Speed networking?

The committee is working on a three-part series around inclusivity, including SOGI and disability status in the fall. Then, we could possibly have a round table or the lunch table topics based on the three-part topics. They are looking at a networking event in the fall and a resume review in the spring. There was a lot of discussion about who to include in the resume building/review from organizations, specifically which positions from large (maybe HR) versus small (decision maker) organizations.

  1. Other business
    1. Mixers in 2022 – waiting for COVID rates to decline – any suggestions for locations

We might put something together in Chicago in August, but will hold right now.

MAPOR received an email offering a short course on budging for the conference. Leah will get back to them.

Council members

President – Kevin Ulrich

Vice President / President Elect – Justine Bulgar-Medina

Past President – Dana Garbarski

Conference Chair – Leah Dean

Associate Conference Chair – Patrick Hsieh

Secretary-Treasurer – Lindsey Witt-Swanson

Website Coordinator – Hillary Hanson

Sponsorship Coordinator – Dana Garbarski

Student Liaison – Evgenia Kapousouz

Communications Chair – Benjamin Schapiro

Members at Large – Bob Davis, Erin Heiden, Rebecca Powell, David Sterrett, Jerry Timbrook


Conference Committee – Leah Dean (Chair), Patrick Hsieh, David Sterrett

Online Learning Committee – Justine Bulgar-Medina (Chair), Erin Heiden, Rebecca Powell, Jerry Timbrook

Awards, Grants, and Support Committee – Bob Davis (Chair), Evgenia Kapousouz

Secretary Treasurer Support – Lindsey Witt-Swanson, Kevin Ulrich 

Communications Support – Benjamin Schapiro, Justine Bulgar-Medina, Evgenia Kapousouz

AAPOR Conference Committee – TBD