May 17, 2021

12:30 – 2:00 CST/1:30 pm – 3:00pm EST

Zoom invite

MAPOR MOMENT of the MONTH:  Our MAPOR Moment of the Month goes to David Sterrett and Leah Dean for getting our calls for participation drafted and circulated later this week!

Attendees: Dana, Kevin, Lindsey, Hillary, David, Ned, Sara, Patrick, Justine and John


  1. Approval of last meeting’s minutes


  1. 2021 Conference             (David, Leah)
    1. Updates

Kevin, Lindsey, and David will meet 5/17 to wrap up the CVENT piece. Then, David will send a test email. David plans to send the email middle of the week. Abstracts are due July 2nd. David received generally excited feedback during AAPOR about MAPOR being an in-person conference. The keynote speakers are onboard. David is thinking about an in-person dry run in the hotel during the Council’s September meeting. 

  1. Member Survey (Lindsey, Kevin, Hillary, Evgenia)
    1. Updates

Evgenia sent out the results. Lindsey will write-up the newsletter article this week. David is going to look at the conference-specific data.

  1. Treasurer’s Report                 (Lindsay, Kevin)
    1. Updates

Checking: $27,149.35

Savings: $46,968.87

  1. Communications                     (Justine)
    1. Updates

We got a lot of engagements on the newsletter! Justine is getting ready for the summer newsletter. Key people already know what they need to provide for the summer newsletter. She wants to get it out early June. We may want to do a pull-out around the July survey. Also, she wants to share information about the conference structure so they hear it from us.

  1. Website                             (Patrick, Dana, Hillary)
    1. Updates

Dana has been updating the call for participation and student paper.

  1. Webinars           (Patrick, Lindsey)
    1. April Webinar update
    2. Ideas for webinar in  October

We had a good turnout for the April webinar. 50-some registered, 27 attended, 13 people watched the recording. The April webinar lasted passed the one hour mark. A first! Patrick thinks there a good number of people/opportunities from AAPOR for the October webinar.  

  1. Sponsorship           (John, Bob, Dana)
    1. Updates

John will send out requests for money next week to past sponsors and blasts to distribution lists (AAPOR, MAPOR, AASRO). John is also putting together an instruction manual for future past presidents. John will copy Dana on sponsor request emails for continuity next year.

  1. Student Fellowship Program     (Ned, Dana, Evgenia)
    1. Updates 

Dana will reach out to the fellows and students next week to see how everything is going.

  1. Colleague/student support grant (Ned, Dana)
    1. Draft student and colleague support award applications, to be released around the time of the MAPOR call for abstracts 
    2. [tiered conference registration]

Dana wrapped up the language and added it to the website under opportunities for support. It will also be linked to the call for abstracts to start advertising.

  1. Student/Early career programs                             (Ned, Dana, Evgenia, Leah)
    1. Updates
    2. [ideas of spending funds not earmarked as operational reserves to expand reach to students and early career folks (reduce costs for short course, webinar, registration; conference travel awards)] 

Most of it will be for the conference. Have not met about this yet.

  1. Outreach committee             (Evgenia, Bob, David)
    1. Updates
    2. [Ideas for this committee to discuss:
      1. Mixers
      2. First time attendee retention
      3. reach out to professors: this is what we can offer to your students
      4. Focus on outreach to departments, schools and organizations we don’t see at MAPOR]

Evgenia will send emails to professors at universities she has identified after the call for participation has gone out. 

  1. Other committees that will have work at a later date/next council:
    1. MAPOR Fellow nomination criteria (Ned, Dana)

They will put together the criteria.

  1. Speed Networking (Ned, Justine)

Justine has ideas based on the AAPOR Speed Networking. 

  1. MAPOR conference attendee Code of Conduct (TBD)
  2. Bylaws update (TBD)
  1. Other business?                                                                                                        

Committee Composition

  1. Conference (Sara, Ned, Dana, David, Leah)
  2. Sponsorship (John and Bob)
  3. Webinar (Patrick, Lindsey)
  4. Website (Patrick, Hillary, Dana)
  5. Communications (Justine)
  6. Sec-treas support (Lindsey, Kevin, Hillary)
  7. Student Fellowship Program (Ned, Dana, Evgenia)
  8. Student/Early career programs  (Ned, Dana, Evgenia, Leah)
  9. Colleague grants/tiered registration (Ned, Dana)
  10. Outreach committee (Evgenia, Lindsey, Bob, David)
  11. MAPOR Fellow nomination criteria (Ned, Dana)
  12. Speed Networking (Ned, Justine)
  13. MAPOR conference attendee Code of Conduct (TBD)

Council members

President – Dana Garbarski

Vice President – Kevin Ulrich

Past President – Ned English

Conference Chair – David Sterrett

Associate Conference Chair – Leah Dean

Secretary-Treasurer – Lindsey Witt-Swanson 

Associate Secretary-Treasurer – Vacant

Members at Large – Bob Davis, Hillary Hanson, Ed Ledek, Sara Walsh 

Sponsorship Coordinator – John Stevenson 

Webinar and Website Coordinator – Patrick Hsieh

Communications Chair – Justine Bulgar-Medina

Student Liaison- Evgenia Kapousouz