Justine Bulgar-Medina is a research methodologist at NORC and teaches graduate courses in research methods and public policy at Northwestern.  Her research and work focus on innovative measurement approaches to social identities, specifically sexual orientation/gender identity and race/ethnicity, with a focus on cultural competence and reducing measurement error. 

Justine has been an active AAPOR and MAPOR member for several years, taking on leadership roles with AAPOR starting in 2015 by serving as the chair of the AAPOR Welcoming Committee (2015-2021) and Chair and Associate Chair of the Conference Support Committee (2017-present).  Additionally, she serves on AAPOR’s Inclusion & Equity Committee.  Since 2018, Justine as served on the MAPOR council as the Commnications Coordinator.  Justine has greatly enjoyed all volunteer and leadership opportunities at AAPOR and MAPOR.  She is hopeful to continue to serve the MAPOR community as with focused programming and opportunities for established and new(er) MAPORites to become involved in our professional community as Vice President/President-Elect.