December 20, 2021
12:30 – 2:00 CST / 1:30 pm – 3:00pm EST
Zoom invite

Attendees: Kevin Ulrich, Lindsey Witt-Swanson, Leah Dean, Y. Patrick Hsieh, Benjamin Schapiro, Rebecca Powell, Erin Heiden, Hilary Hanson, Justine Bulagar-Medina, Bob Davis, Jerry Timbrook, Dana Garbarski, and Evgenia Kapousouz

MAPOR SPOTLIGHT of the MONTH:  Our MAPOR Spotlight of the Month is for Conference Chairs David Sterrett and Leah Dean and the entire supporting crew who made the Conference a successful event! Thanks to all for your hard work and your service to MAPOR.  

MAPOR Mission Statement

We provide high-quality educational and conference programs to encourage scholarly exchanges across disciplines and geographies, broaden member access to mentors and resources, and bolster opportunities for leadership and innovations. We join forces with AAPOR, academic institutions, and government and industry employers to develop a thriving community that supports all MAPOR members, including students, scholars, and professionals in every stage of their career.

MAPOR Vision Statement

MAPOR is a leading voice in public opinion, survey, and social science scholarship, methods, and practice among regional professional associations. We are an inclusive and supportive community that enables our diverse members to achieve their educational, professional development, and networking goals. 


  1. Welcome Executive Council! 
    1. New members: Erin Heiden, Rebecca Powell, Ben Shapiro, Jerry Timbrook
    2. Introductions
  1. MAPOR documents and procedures
    1. Vision and Mission Statements:
    2. Bylaws:
    3. Robert’s Rules of Order:
  1. 2021-2022 Council Transition           (Kevin/All)
    1. Monthly meeting schedule
      1. January 17th is MLK day. Move to 24th?

Will meet 1/24 instead

  1. February 21st is President’s Day. Will meet 1/28 instead. 
  2. June 20th is Juneteenth. Will move to the 13th.

Kevin will send revised meeting invitations

  1. MAPOR Google Group for group email (
  2. Google Drive
  3. Website
  4. Revisions to committee structure – Committee members/new roles/transition meetings (listed below and for discussion)
  1. 2021 Conference Debrief                         (Leah/David/All)
    1. General Discussion about the hybrid model

A conference evaluation survey was sent the week after the conference. The survey had a 57% response rate. Leah would like to have Zoom licenses year-round to better facilitate the hybrid model going forward. This would allow keeping the recordings up longer than three months. Zoom could replace Go to Webinar as well. There was discussion about maybe upgrading one Zoom account to be able to host more users if needed. There could also be additional fees for storing recordings. PAPOR has a PAPOR channel to share recordings after the conference. The Conference Committee will get more information about the costs of keeping Zoom regularly, so the Council can discuss more next month. 

Kevin will share the survey data with the Council. One respondent asked why the conference was held on Friday and Saturday instead of Thursday and Friday. Council discussed the pro’s and con’s of each. Dana suggested decoupling the short course from the conference to wrap the conference up earlier on Saturday before the parade crowds develop. We discussed the networking lunch and how to make it more about “networking” than hanging out with your friends. Also, discussed coupling lunch with the awards or the short course.

  1. All expenses paid?
    1. Hotel – PAID
    2. Tech rental – PAID
    3. Speakers – All but one are paid
    4. Student award winners -PAID
    5. Student grants -PAID
  2. Thank you notes to sponsors


  1. Business meeting items
    1. Student Paper Criteria – Ad Hoc Committee to review criteria led by Allyson – Kevin to send some applicable Conference Survey data to committee

The conversation was around the role faculty can have on student papers. The fellows will work on this.

  1. 2022 Conference             (Leah)
    1. Conference support committee 
    2. Check with hotel about 2021 contract plans

The contract goes one more year. We will renegotiate the contract this year. 

  1. Review of Conference Survey data for next month’s meeting?
  1. Secretary Treasurer’s Report                     (Lindsey)
    1. Financial updates

Checking: $23,412.04

Savings: $46,971.60

  1. Membership list updates
  1. Tentative tasks for 2022
    1. Member survey for 2022

Worth doing, but maybe shorter than usual 

  1. Not for Profit Annual Report filing
  2. Cvent billing – Should we drop our other platforms?
  3. MAPOR address ‘move’ to NORC building
    1. CVENT
    2. Chase bank
    3. IRS
  1. Communications                     (Benjamin)
    1. Spring newsletter

Benjamin and Justine have met to understand what needs to happen. The plan is to have newsletters around February, April, summer, and October.

  1. Website                             (Hillary)
    1. Updates

Winners have been posted on the website. 

  1. Need to add new councilors and photos to websites

The Executive Council page is mostly updated.

  1. Awards, Grants, and Support Committee
    1. Set meeting and goals for 2022

Kevin suggested meeting earlier in the year while all their thoughts around the student paper are fresh and to get the student fellowship evaluation and 2022 application process going.

  1. Tentative tasks for 2022
    1. Review Conference Feedback Survey for January
    2. Evaluate Student Fellowship Program
    3. Evaluate Student Grants Program
  2. Sponsorship (Dana)
    1. Sharing contact information with AAPOR?
  1. Online Learning Committee
    1. Set meeting to discuss goals for 2022
    2. Webinars
    3. Other events? 
      1. Resume review? 
      2. Speed networking
  1. Other business
    1. Mixers in 2022?

Council members

President – Kevin Ulrich

Vice President / President Elect – Justine Bulgar-Medina

Past President – Dana Garbarski

Conference Chair – Leah Dean

Associate Conference Chair – Patrick Hsieh

Secretary-Treasurer – Lindsey Witt-Swanson

Website Coordinator – Hillary Hanson

Sponsorship Coordinator – Dana Garbarski

Student Liaison – Evgenia Kapousouz

Communications Chair – Benjamin Shapiro

Members at Large – Bob Davis, Erin Heiden, Rebecca Powell, David Sterrett, Jerry Timbrook


Conference Committee – Leah Dean (Chair), Patrick Hsieh, David Sterrett

Online Learning Committee – Justine Bulgar-Medina (Chair), Erin Heiden, Rebecca Powell, Jerry Timbrook

Awards, Grants, and Support Committee – Bob Davis (Chair), Evgenia Kapousouz

Secretary Treasurer Support – Lindsey Witt-Swanson, Kevin Ulrich 

Communications Support – Benjamin Shapiro, Justine Bulgar-Medina, Evgenia Kapousouz

AAPOR Conference Committee – TBD