December 16, 2019
12:30 – 2:00 CST/1:30 pm – 3:00pm EST

MAPOR MOMENT of the MONTH: Our MAPOR Moment of the Month is for our outgoing council for a successful MAPOR 2019, with special thanks to our Conference Chair Dana Garbarski. MAPOR 2019 was an outstanding event characterized by professional execution and collaboration.

Attendees: Ned, Justine, Lindsey, Mary, Kevin, Sara, Patrick, Ipek, Alison, Dana, Genny, David

I. Welcome New Council Members: Introductions
a. Stephanie Chardoul, David Sterrett, Lindsey Witt-Swanson, Ed Ledek
i. Need to add to website
b. Welcome new Student Liaison Evgenia Kapououz!

New council members – please send photos to post to the website to Ned unless you would prefer we use photos you provided for the election.

II. Past President (Ipek)
a. Hotel Bill

The final hotel bill was $26,226.17. This was lower than previous years. Dana reviewed the bill and identified several areas where the bill was lower than usual. Kevin delivered the check and it has cashed.

III. 2019-2020 Council Transition (Ned/All)
a. Monthly meeting schedule
b. MAPOR Google Group; Google Drive; Website; and MAPORnet

Ned will reach out to new members and make sure they have access to the appropriate folders and files. Please reach out to Ned if you find you do not have access.

c. Committees/new roles/transition meetings
i. Conference (Sara, Dana, David)
ii. Sponsorship (Allison, Mary)
iii. Webinar (Patrick)
iv. Website (Ashley, Patrick)
v. Student Events (Evgenia)

Kevin will send a list of email addresses of early career and student members to Genni so that she can send an email and query about their expenses. Kevin will reach out to Genni to discuss revising questions and reaching out to those folks.

Grants/Awards Committee – We need to get together a group to begin considering how we are going to distribute funds in 2020. Ned, Ipek, Dana, and Kevin will start this out and will pull in others soon. Kevin presented a list of tasks during the in-person meeting and the business meeting during the conference. This information is contained in the slides from the business meeting.

Ned suggested a speed networking event during the next conference?

IV. 2019 Conference Debrief (Dana/All)
a. All expenses paid/conference hotel receipt?
b. Thank you notes to sponsors/any unpaid invoice?
c. Conference overview
d. Business meeting items

The only remaining outstanding cost for 2019 finances is to cover the cost of the video editing of Barbara’s presentation. The video is being edited now and the costs will be finalized before the next council meeting.

There is only one outstanding invoice for sponsors. Alison and Kevin will follow up with that group. In previous emails, the sponsorship chair has sent an email asking sponsors for feedback and thanking them for their support.

Hotel gave us a 10% discount on the final bill. They forgot to give us a projector for the keynote and for this and other oversights they decided to reduce the bill. They did not include all of the costs for the desserts we added during the conference, we weren’t sure if that was intentional or not.

Having more breakout sessions was very helpful. It was unfortunate that the air temperature could not be better adjusted in the rooms which had been broken in half. We should consider this next year as it doesn’t seem possible to regulate the temperature in those rooms to comfortable levels.

We talked about purchasing Chromebooks or other simple laptops that we could usde instead of having to borrow laptops from RTI or another organization. Ned and Ipek should think about how much they want to spend for these. Patrick believes that a good estimate of cost would be around $250 per unit. We should have a group review what type of models we should purchase. It would be nice to be able to have laptops purchased at the same time so that they can be updated at the same time.

Dana will upload the latest documents from the conference onto the drive. She will work with the website group to make sure the slides or other digital materials are uploaded and available. Dana will work with Ned to make sure the appropriate communications go out to MAPOR members letting them know when these are available.

V. 2020 Conference (Sara/David)
a. Conference support committee
b. Other items

Member spoke with Sara about volunteering for support on the conference. She will include her in meetings about the conference going forward. Dana and Patrick will also continue on the conference support team for 2020.

Sara will be in out January because of her soon to be delivered baby! : )

We need to start thinking about a theme but Sara has a tentative theme of, “Why Representation Matters”. She is going to be very intentional about thinking about speakers in line with this theme. She will think about getting communications out about this soon.

VI. Member Survey (Kevin)
a. Plan to launch early February
b. Next steps

Kevin will make the first review the survey and distribute to EC members for feedback. Conference chair and President should pay particular attention to the survey and consider what they would like to edit, add, or delete. We should be mindful about only including survey questions where we have a plan for the data, otherwise we just include length and increase burden to the survey.

Ned suggests asking Ed if he can assist with this process.

VII. Treasurer’s Report (Kevin)
a. Updates
b. Membership list updates

Checking: $28,094.65
Savings: $45,022.44

Kevin will close the books on the 2019 budget at the end of the year. As of now we have a surplus of approximately $8,200.

Kevin will work to compile the member list for 2020. After this is complete we can send the member survey.

VIII. 2020 Mixers (Ned)
a. What should we do?
i. Events in Ann Arbor, Madison (or elsewhere)

  1. Coincident with other events

What are conferences or events that occur in these cities where we would consider having a social event? It is nice when we can try to have an event where we would invite other who are not MAPOR members so that we can try to recruit them to membership.

IX. Communications (Justine)

Social media was great during the conference this year and we had a special emphasis on sponsors.

X. Website (Ashley)
a. Updates
b. Ability to upload conference presentations
Ned to update the new EC members for the website. Ned will reach out to Ashley to get those updated.

XI. Webinars (Patrick)
a. Plan for 2020
We had a late spring and fall webinars last year. Ideally we would continue this is 2020. Target for April and October. Patrick is going to reach out to Rebecca Powell about having a webinar on using R. She presented at a previous AAPOR conference and her talk could probably be reduced down to a MAPOR webinar.

We may think about recruiting important and significant speakers during the AAPOR conference. Can we recruit more persons and plan for more than two conferences per year?

Kevin will look into if AAPOR speakers are able to share their presentations with other groups? He will review the agreement between AAPOR and their webinar presenters. We want to be sure we are not asking them to do something they have agreed not to do.

XII. Other business?