Note: The group will vote on changing the meeting schedule (starting in March, since January/February were both holidays and moved already). 

MAPOR moment of the month recognizes the OLC for their work on the recent series and upcoming planning to expand the reach of MAPOR events.  It’s been very well received!

  1. Conference Member Survey Planning (Justine/Leah/Patrick)

The small team will meet in the next month to move this forward on the survey generally, Patrick and Leah to let us know what they need.

  1. 2023 Conference             (Patrick)
  2. Conference support committee 
  3. Check with hotel about 2023 contract plans
  4. Skipping virtual components moving forward 

No updates from conference on contract needs, but Patrick will confirm logistics in coming months with hotel and ensure everything is all set (Leah did sign the next 3-year contract last year).

Leah & Patrick to meet and map out a planning timeline for the coming year.

Patrick may reach out for support on speakers and presenters from the council.  The current  idea is to focus the conference on broadening the connection between sectors of survey research (marketing, consulting, academic). 

One opportunity and challenge will be many classically trained or practicing methodologists have left our traditional spaces and employers for industry jobs such as Meta or Google.  They aren’t attending the conferences like MAPOR any more, so we’ll need to capture them.

Patrick to use ad-hoc conference support group (Jenny, Paul, etc.) to help connect with key folks and plan.

  1. Secretary / Treasurer’s Report (Lindsey)                
  2. Financial updates

As of 2/24/23

Checking: $21,008.66

Savings: $47,213.03

  1. Membership list updates
    1. With the initial AAPOR list and list from the conference, we have 372 members (291 General, 81 students).
  2. Tentative tasks for 2023

Not for Profit Annual Report filing

Cvent billing – Should we drop our other platforms?

  1. Communications & Website                     (Benjamin)
  2. Newsletter
  3. Social Media posts
  4. Website updates

Benjamin, Patrick and Justine to meet to discuss.  Benjamin will be taking on the leadership of both roles, and we’ll have a supporting team.

We’ll also be working to ensure that all access and passwords are centralized and part of the annual council transition plan so that they don’t fall to one person repeatedly, or are held by one person (in the event they’re unavailable).  

We’ve started a google doc with all the accounts we hold and password info/password owners.  This will fall to website and communications to pass on to successors.  

We need to decide on whether we will use Facebook and/or Twitter moving forward to connect with our membership.  Let’s make this a point of discussion next month.  Benjamin notes that we’re not particularly productive on social media, so pivoting is unlikely to have a key impact.  We can ask folks what they want to see on the survey.

We will have a spring newsletter in March or so, Benjamin to put it together and make the call for submissions in late January/early February.

  1. Member Survey Subcommittee
  2. Timeline & Staffing (Justine)

We have a small subcommittee that will work on this over the next month or two for March launch.

  1. Awards, Grants, and Support Committee (Paul & Curtiss)
  2. Planning initial meeting? 

Nothing yet, will be meeting and working on this.

  1. Sponsorship
  2. Kevin sent out thank yous (Kevin)

Kevin has them out to Gold and will be sending to the rest in the coming month.  

This spring we’ll also work on targeting new potential sponsors.  This is a good opportunity to overlap with the goals this year and theme of the conference of expanding our networks and reach.

  1. Online Learning Committee           (Rebecca)
  2. Goals for 2023
  3. Requested resources/access update 
  4. Sharing out recordings–modified Zoom recording?  Box?  Google Drive?

OLC has been hard at work getting the January webinar up and running.  Upcoming webinars and series are in the works, and looking to offer hands-on training (e.g., software like Excel🡪SQL), where the complicated topics are made accessible for folks.  Other topics may include cover letters, presentations at conferences, etc.  There is also a clear targeting of students, although an attempt to focus on all MAPOR populations.  

OLC would like access to an email address (Patrick and Benjamin will work on this) and more control over comms generally, so there’s less go-betweens with other folks and the process is more streamlined.  OLC could also use a space to easily share edited (Zoom recordings often start before the actual session with content needing to be removed) with attendees, espeically when we’re doing extended sessions/registering folks across a series.

OLC and Patrick will communicate around topics so that OLC doesn’t step on the toes of conference planning.

  1. Other business
  2. In-person or virtual mixers in 2023? — TBD

Google account clean up: if you add things to the drive from your own Google account, it takes up your space.  If you do it via MAPOR, it goes against MAPOR space only.  This is key, especially with large files like recordings!   We might want to look into another storage/file option as well.  Even folks who are long off council have significant memory being used in their own accounts.

Council members

President – Justine Bulgar-Medina

Vice President / President-Elect – Leah Dean

Past President – Kevin Ulrich

Conference Chair – Patrick Hsieh

Associate Conference Chair – Jenny Marlar

Secretary-Treasurer – Lindsey Witt-Swanson

Sponsorship Coordinator –Kevin Ulrich

Student Liaison – Curtiss Engstrom

Communications & Website Chair – Benjamin Schapiro

Members at Large – Erin Heiden, Rebecca Powell, Jerry Timbrook, Paul DiPerna, Shalise Ayromloo

Proposed Committees

Conference Committee – Patrick, Jenny, Shalise 

Membership Survey Committee–Justine, Leah, Lindsey, Curtiss, Benjamin

Online Learning Committee – Rebecca Powell (Chair),  Erin Heiden, Jerry Timbrook

Awards, Grants, and Support Committee – Paul DiPerna, Curtiss Engstrom

Secretary-Treasurer Support – Lindsey Witt-Swanson, Justine Bulgar-Medina

Communications Support – Benjamin Schapiro, Curtiss Engstrom, Leah Dean