July 19, 2021

12:30 – 2:00 CST/1:30 pm – 3:00pm EST

Zoom invite

MAPOR MOMENT of the MONTH:  Our MAPOR Moment of the Month goes to John Stevenson. Crushing it with those sponsors!

Attendees: Patrick, Dana, John, Lindsey, Ned, Hillary, David, Kevin, Justine, Evgenia, Bob, Sara and Leah


  1. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

Minutes approved.

  1. 2021 Conference             (David, Leah)
    1. Updates

We have about 50 abstract submissions. An email was sent to Friends of MAPOR two weeks ago and AAPORnet last week. David is planning to send one more email to each group again. Dana gave guidance on abstract review and grouping into sessions. David and Kevin will walk through the space later this week. David will also send a short survey in August to better understand the virtual/in person mix and hotel block needs. David will ask the hotel what food opportunities are available with COVID in mind. Other COVID related matters were also discussed, but more will be decided closer to the conference. 

  1. Member Survey (Lindsey, Kevin, Hillary, Evgenia)
    1. Are we done with this item?


  1. Treasurer’s Report                 (Lindsey, Kevin)
    1. Updates

Lindsey will update the membership information with new AAPOR members and one new MAPOR member. She will also reconcile the AAPOR payments with the number of members received through AAPOR. Lindsey will create a new event in CVent for the conference.

Checking: $31,267.71

Savings: $46,969.65

  1. Communications                     (Justine)
    1. Updates

Justine has posted four to five times on social media about the conference. The summer newsletter is out. The group discussed doing a mini-newsletter with conference information and light-hearted stories that would go out a couple weeks before the hotel block opens up. 

  1. Website                             (Patrick, Dana, Hillary)
    1. Updates

Nothing new to report.

  1. Webinars           (Patrick, Lindsey)
    1. Ideas for webinar in  October
    2. update on new tech/methods for fall?

Patrick will have ideas next month.

  1. Sponsorship           (John, Bob, Dana)
    1. Updates

John gave the update of 14 yes’s, 1 likely, and a few no’s. John has received $11,950 so far in sponsorship commitments and payments. All but one sponsor from last year are sponsoring again this year. The one hold out may still do so. John just has not heard back from them.  

  1. Student Fellowship Program     (Ned, Dana, Evgenia)
    1. newsletter item for fall
    2. conversations with mentors/mentees 

The committee will follow up with the mentors and mentees in December. Dana asked Evgenia to write a newsletter story about this program. Dana wants to showcase the program during the awards ceremony. Evgenia will ask the students currently participating if they will participate in a couple of student-focused events during the conference, so they can discuss the program with other students in an informal setting. 

  1. Colleague/student support grant (Ned, Dana)
    1. Updates

No applications have been received yet, but expecting them to come in in September. 

  1. Student/Early career programs                             (Ned, Dana, Evgenia, Leah)
    1. thoughts on travel grants?
    2. [ideas of spending funds not earmarked as operational reserves to expand reach to students and early career folks (reduce costs for short course, webinar, registration; conference travel awards)] 

Agreed to focus on the colleague/student support grant this year, and work on a travel grant next year. 

  1. Outreach committee             (Evgenia, Bob, David)
    1. Updates on outreach (Evgenia)
    2. Updates on mixer in WI 
    3. [Ideas for this committee to discuss:
      1. Mixers
      2. First time attendee retention
      3. reach out to professors: this is what we can offer to your students
      4. Focus on outreach to departments, schools and organizations we don’t see at MAPOR]

Wisconsin asked to wait on the mixer until the spring semester. Evgenia sent emails to academia. The group discussed trying to do a mixer in Nebraska with UNL and Gallup. Lindsey will plant some seeds. There is interest in doing a mixer in Chicago during the AAPOR meeting. 

  1. MAPOR Fellow nomination criteria (Ned, Dana)
    1. What has been process in past, and what do we want for future? Let’s generate ideas and Ned, Dana, and Kevin will discuss offline.

Ned explained the nomination process used while he was president, and proposed a new approach mimicking sports hall of fame processes with a long and then short ballot. Ned will reach out to fellows to help with this. The group proposed ideas including a rubric looking at number of years as a member, served as an officer, supports/ed students, and other contributions to MAPOR. Sara raised the need to include people of color and women in the pipeline to fellowship.

  1. Other committees that will have work at a later date/next council:
    1. Speed Networking (Ned, Justine)
    2. MAPOR conference attendee Code of Conduct (TBD)
    3. Bylaws update (TBD)
  1. Other business?                                                                                                        

Committee Composition

  1. Conference (Sara, Ned, Dana, David, Leah)
  2. Sponsorship (John and Bob)
  3. Webinar (Patrick, Lindsey)
  4. Website (Patrick, Hillary, Dana)
  5. Communications (Justine)
  6. Sec-treas support (Lindsey, Kevin, Hillary)
  7. Student Fellowship Program (Ned, Dana, Evgenia)
  8. Student/Early career programs  (Ned, Dana, Evgenia, Leah)
  9. Colleague grants/tiered registration (Ned, Dana)
  10. Outreach committee (Evgenia, Lindsey, Bob, David)
  11. MAPOR Fellow nomination criteria (Ned, Dana)
  12. Speed Networking (Ned, Justine)
  13. MAPOR conference attendee Code of Conduct (TBD)

Council members

President – Dana Garbarski

Vice President – Kevin Ulrich

Past President – Ned English

Conference Chair – David Sterrett

Associate Conference Chair – Leah Dean

Secretary-Treasurer – Lindsey Witt-Swanson 

Associate Secretary-Treasurer – Vacant

Members at Large – Bob Davis, Hillary Hanson, Ed Ledek, Sara Walsh 

Sponsorship Coordinator – John Stevenson 

Webinar and Website Coordinator – Patrick Hsieh

Communications Chair – Justine Bulgar-Medina

Student Liaison- Evgenia Kapousouz