May 31, 2019

  1. MAPOR at AAPOR Recap                                                                                                                                      (All)
  1. AAPOR Official All Chapter Event (Ipek)
  1. MAPOR @ AAPOR flyer – website upload.

is ready and built into late spring newsletter; Josh can put up on website- Justine will remind

  1. Getting back items from AAPOR

still waiting to get table cloth, etc. back after the conference

  • AAPOR Unofficial All Chapter Party (Ipek)

We had 275 attendees and broke-even; MAPOR sponsored photo-booth

  • Chapter Representatives Meeting (Ned)

The other chapters requested site-licenses for software to manage their membership/emails (CRM) as well as for webinars; AAPOR was not enthusiastic about providing that software rather give advice.  MAPOR has CVENT through 2021 and so it isn’t as much an issue for us. 

  1. 2019 Conference                                                                                                                                             (Dana)
  1. Call for Conference Participation Announcements

Call for participation has been released; Dana will follow-up next week.  Dana reviewing survey results from 2018 conference to make improvements for 2019.

  • Student Paper Competition — 3rd, 2nd, 1st? Honorable mention? In the survey, student suggested this as it helps their CV.  Mary observes is a good idea since we have sufficient (20 or so) submissions
  • Abstract management system updates  Dana will be tracking abstracts by week in comparison with last year
  • Moderator role; Networking lunch; Book raffle  Dana would like to institutionalize moderator role at MAPOR as has been done at AAPOR (relatively few remarks up front/end to tie things together); Dana would like to ask long-term members or fellows to be moderators .  Dana would like to have lunch in atrium but improve “networking” component; Sara liked the small tables, but would want ways of encourage mingling say with a facilitator of note.  Dana and Ned will be meeting with the hotel in two weeks to discuss details.  Dana observes book raffle has declined in popularity and could raffle something else like free conference registration next year for a student.  Council observes that AAPOR book sale has declined in popularity as well.  We will bring this up in the conference committee, and ask in the survey next year if the change was a positive one or not. 
  1. Treasurer’s Report                                                                                                                                           (Ipek)
  1. Budget updates

Checking Account: $18,466, Savings: $45,019

  1. Communications                                                                                                                                          (Justine)
  1. Newsletter
  • Plans on upcoming social media postings

Justine is finalizing late spring newsletter.  Ipek wonders if we should re-announce on social media the call for submissions, student paper submissions; these were held-off due to AAPOR.  Justine says she will make such announcements on social media. 

  • Rules and regulations re MAPOR Reserves                                                                                                (Ron)

Ron, Mary, and Kevin met at AAPOR to discuss a plan for MAPOR reserves, and developed a one page plan.  Suggests having either six months or one year operating expenses in reserve ($41,000 for one year based on average of past three years).  We could give more free student registrations or free hotel rooms, or free webinar access.  Council will vote on reserves policy and then consider how best to spend funds. 

  • MAPOR Vision and Mission                                                                                                                               (All)

Ipek thanks council on working with Mandy on the new vision/mission; we will be showcasing it at the newsletter. 

  • VII.               Executive Council Face-to-Face Meeting                                                                                                    (Ipek)

Ipek asks for pros/cons of face-to-face meeting.  Council seems to agree it is a real positive thing, and out-of-town people like Mary and Ron are fine with driving in if the dates work.  Ipek will circulate a doodle.

  • Anything else?                                                                                                              

Next meeting: June 17 (Monday) @ Noon CT/1:00 ET