October 21, 2019

12:00 – 1:30 CST/1:00 pm – 2: 30pm EST

Dial-in: 1-866-215-5503; Passcode: 9109781#

MAPOR MOMENT of the MONTH:  Our MAPOR Moment of the Month recognizes Dana and the conference committee for their diligent work on the annual MAPOR conference planning. Also, I would like to thank Patrick for his work on organizing the MAPOR webinars. 

A message from Kevin – “Big shout out to Patrick for hosting such a successful event.” 

Present: Ipek, Ned, Ron, Ashley, Dana, Justine, Allison, Josh, Sara, Patrick, Colleen


  1. 2019 Conference               (Dana)
    1. Registration (72 registrants to the conference as of 10/18/19 at 3pm)
      1. 59 general, 16 students; 33 for lunch so far
      2. 16 for short-course (room can do 35 in classroom style; could convert to theater style if get to close or go over); we expect another ten from Amerispeak at least
      3. Friday morning working group will recap February interviewers + interviewing workshop. The working group has 15 registrants so far
    2. Conference program
      1. Two papers have been withdrawn
        1. Still need chairs/discussants (Sara) and final images (Allison)
          1. Allison says will have EOD (Dynata and U of C SLAB)
            1. Dana will follow-up if necessary
          2. Waiting for info from Frank M. as well
    3. Hotel room block 
      1. Haven’t heard from Ranka recently. Ipek suggested Dana to call Ranka as she is more responsive via phone.
        1. As of 10/7 were on track
          1. Dana will follow-up with Ranka, Jeff, Anada
          2. May need to send email to registrants
    4. Budget/estimated costs
      1. Budget will be similar to last year with some small changes
    5. Student paper competition 
      1. Received additional paper from solicitation from Dana; 3 submissions in total
        1. Have reviews back from half of fellows at this point
        2. All appear to be substantive, and so may only give one award this year
    6. Sponsor tables and info
      1. We only have one firm “yes” so far
    7. Laptops + Book raffle donations + printer/signage 
      1. Won’t be doing book raffle this year, rather next year’s registration fees will be the raffle prices. 
      2. Dana will get signs printed at Kinko’s in advance of conference
      3. Patrick will provide laptops from RTI
        1. One will have HDMI for keynote; will test built-in webcam
        2. Could get better webcam if will be doing more streaming in the future
    8. Anything else? 
      1. Dana suggests going to lunch tables to lead conversations with people may not necessarily know, so that is a true “networking” lunch; will be a way to bring in new people
      2. Will have programs printed and delivered directly to NORC
      3. Sara is in need of two session chairs, and Ron, Allison have volunteered
  1. Student engagement/events at the conference             (Colleen)
    1. 16 students registered so far
      1. Ned, Ipek, or Dana will send note to early career people about Sara’s early-career panel as well as events that Colleen is planning
        1. Will likely have lunch at Quartino on the Saturday
        2. Happy hour was on Thursday at the Kerryman last year, with approximately 10 RSVP, 7 attendees
          1. Will open happy hour to “early career”
      2. Ipek will send an email about student activities at MAPOR and highlight free student lunch on Friday via MAPORNET and AAPORNet
  1. Other conference related updates   (Ipek)
    1. “In memoriam” session updates/plans
      1. Joe Murphy working with Tim Johnson on a tribute to John Loft
      2. Chuck Whitney (past president 1985-86) also passed during 2019 and Fellows also acknowledge this along with their tribute to George Bishop. 
    2. Fellow and student paper award announcements at Keynote
      1. Ipek will ask Nora Cate or John S. if they prefer presenting the award
      2. Ipek will share draft keynote agenda and her talk with Dana
      3. Ipek will order a plaque to be presented to the 2019 Fellow 
    3. AAPOR Booth and presentation at the conference
      1. AAPOR MCR chair Tamara Terry and Kellen staff Adam and Eric will be there with the booth; Tamara will present on AAPOR membership at business meeting    
  1. Sponsorship     (Allison/Ron)
  • Ron suggests acknowledging sponsors earlier in conference, based on feedback from Question Pro
  • Could have a “meet the sponsors” table at lunch
  • Ipek will thank the sponsors before the keynote
  • Justine and Allison will thank sponsors individually via social media, and tagging them

  1. Treasurer’s Report               (Ipek on behalf of Kevin)
    1. Budget updates
      1. Checking: $32,755.70 (increase due to conference registration, webinar)
      2. Savings: $45,021.71
  1. MAPOR equipment inventory 
    1. Kevin will create inventory list when back in town 
  2. Registration materials/name badges + ribbon for name tags
    1. Ipek will confirm with Kevin have enough tags, ribbons
  3. Ipek will confirm with Kevin to make sure we have a certificate for the student paper competition winner
  1. Communications                     (Justine)
    1. Plans on upcoming social media postings/communication w/ members
      1. Sponsor highlights
      2. Conference related updates
    2. Social media postings at the conference 
      1. Dana will follow-up with Justine re conference-related postings
  1. Succession Planning         (Ned)
    1. Ipek and Ned meeting this week to discuss plan for succession in appointed positions (Student Liaison, Webinar Coordinator, Sponsorship Coordinator etc.) as well as newly elected positions
  1. MAPOR 2019 Election Updates   (Ipek)
    1. Ipek and Kevin meeting soon to discuss programming and schedule
  1. AAPOR Chapter Party (MAPOR representation)         (Ipek/Ned)
    1. SAPOR organizing chapter party
    2. Ned and Ipek will talk offline about being representative
  1. Anything else?
    1. Recent webinar had 27 concurrent log-ins