April 14, 2023

MAPOR SPOTLIGHT of the MONTH:  The MAPOR spotlight of the month goes out to the OLC as they kickoff yet another successful series!

MAPOR Mission Statement

We provide high-quality educational and conference programs to encourage scholarly exchanges across disciplines and geographies, broaden member access to mentors and resources, and bolster opportunities for leadership and innovations. We join forces with AAPOR, academic institutions, and government and industry employers to develop a thriving community that supports all MAPOR members, including students, scholars, and professionals in every stage of their career.

MAPOR Vision Statement

MAPOR is a leading voice in public opinion, survey, and social science scholarship, methods, and practice among regional professional associations. We are an inclusive and supportive community that enables our diverse members to achieve their educational, professional development, and networking goals. 

MAPOR Documents & Procedures 

  1. Vision and Mission Statements:
  2. Bylaws:
  3. Robert’s Rules of Order:


Attendees: Ben, Justine, Curtiss, Leah, Lindsey, Jenny, Paul, and Patrick

  1. Approval of last meeting’s minutes 


  1. AAPOR and MAPOR Code of Conduct–Bylaws Update      (Justine)

Lindsey and Justine are monitoring the AAPORnet debates, and Lindsey will get an update at the AAPOR Chapter meeting later on 4/14. We will need to take a vote on the bylaws anyway for a few small changes. We need to think about how we will transfer the information from council to council. One idea is to share a password protected document with important account passwords and if anyone is not allowed to be a MAPOR member due to conduct issues. 

Justine would like to send a survey, bylaws election and MAPOR at AAPOR in a call to action email. 

  1. 2023 Conference             (Patrick)
    1. Support needs?
    2. Short course instructors 
    3. New advertising locations/ideas? 

The keynote speaker is confirmed. Patrick has some pedagogy hour speakers confirmed and hours in the works. He is working on short course leaders preferably someone non-academic and not on the frequent fliers list, but we can also stick with the tried and true for the short courses. Ideas welcome!

Justine wants to try to spread the word on the MAPOR conference at AAPOR about how we are trying to cast the net past the typical group and push “MAPOR as a state of mind.” We discussed different ways to circulate the MAPOR conference through a flier or word of mouth at the conference.

  1. Secretary / Treasurer’s Report   (Lindsey)                
    1. Financial updates
      1. Checking: $20,855.46
      2. Savings: $47,213.79
    2. Membership list updates
      1. Lindsey will get the April members added in the next week.
    3. Tentative tasks for 2023
      1. Not for Profit Annual Report filing
        1. Done
      2. Cvent billing – Should we drop our other platforms?
        1. We increased our registrants for this contract and will add to the May ’23-April ’24 contract. Then, we can move the membership to Cvent. Once that is all working well, we can cancel the other platforms.
      3. Tax Exempt status: Lindsey will move here soon.
  1. Communications & Website                     (Benjamin)
    1. Newsletter
    2. Website updates
    3. MAPOR @ AAPOR

The newsletter is in the works and will go out in April. 

  1. Survey Subcommittee       (Justine)
    1. Any questions for submission? Please send suggestions by EOD April 19th.

Justine will send out a draft soon. Please let her know if there are any questions/topics you would like included. The plan is to send it in a couple weeks.     

  1. Awards, Grants, and Support Committee (Paul & Curtiss)

We have received four applications. Feedback from past students has been positive. Next, they will work on the student matching and then work on the student travel piece. Paul will send another reminder about the student fellowship application process again. 

  1. Sponsorship (Kevin)
    1. Reaching out to new possible sponsors?  A section in the newsletter? 

No updates.

  1. Online Learning Committee           (Justine)
  • The Spring Webinar series kicks off today! We’ve already had a lot of feedback that the topics are super interesting to folks. In addition, we’ve pulled together some numbers for you on the Spring series versus the Fall series. 
  • As of today, we have 42 registrants for the Spring series ($740 gross revenue; $140 net)
    • Breakdown:
      • 16 students ($0)
      • 10 MAPOR members ($200)
      • 18 Non-MAPOR members ($540)
    • $600 in expenses for honoraria ($200 x 3 speakers)
    • $140 net
  • For reference, the Fall Webinar series, at its conclusion, had 51 registrants ($670 gross; $70 net)
    • Breakdown:
      • 11 students ($0)
      • 13 MAPOR members ($130)
      • 27 Non-MAPOR members ($540)
    • $600 in expenses for honoraria ($200 x 3 speakers)
    • $70 net
  • We recognize that the goal of the webinars isn’t to drive income, but we’ve been having internal conversations about the registration cost of the series, as we want to ensure that it’s at least self-sustaining in the future. We’ll use these numbers to guide decisions about the cost of future series.
  • We’re starting to flesh out the Fall webinar series. We’re envisioning this as a student-focused series, with topics directly related to current students and those making the transition from academia to the workplace.

Now that we are running these through Cvent, we will want to consider charging students at least $5 to pay for the Cvent fee. We discussed maybe adding $5 to the student membership fee. 

  1. Other business
    1. Future EC recruitment ideas–starting to plan
      1. Start thinking!
    2. History of the EC List
    3. Passing the baton–documentation from EC to EC

Council members

President – Justine Bulgar-Medina

Vice President / President-Elect – Leah Dean

Past President – Kevin Ulrich

Conference Chair – Patrick Hsieh

Associate Conference Chair – Jenny Marlar

Secretary-Treasurer – Lindsey Witt-Swanson

Sponsorship Coordinator –Kevin Ulrich

Student Liaison – Curtiss Engstrom

Communications & Website Chair – Benjamin Schapiro

Members at Large – Erin Heiden, Rebecca Powell, Jerry Timbrook, Paul DiPerna, Shalise Ayromloo

Proposed Committees

Conference Committee – Patrick, Jenny, Shalise 

Membership Survey Committee–Justine, Leah, Lindsey, Curtiss, Benjamin

Online Learning Committee – Rebecca Powell (Chair),  Erin Heiden, Jerry Timbrook

Awards, Grants, and Support Committee – Paul DiPerna, Curtiss Engstrom

Secretary-Treasurer Support – Lindsey Witt-Swanson, Justine Bulgar-Medina

Communications Support – Benjamin Schapiro, Curtiss Engstrom, Leah Dean