July 20th, 2020

12:30 – 2:00 CST/1:30 pm – 3:00 pm EST

Zoom invite

MAPOR MOMENT of the MONTH:  Our MAPOR Moment of the Month recognizes Sara and the conference committee for their diligent work on the upcoming MAPOR conference, and releasing the Call for Participation last week!  I’d like to also thank Patrick for taking on extra responsibility with the website.  

In attendance: Ned, Lindsey, Leah, Kevin, Evgenia, Patrick, Justine, Mary, Sara, Dana, Stephanie


  1. Approve June minutes           (Ned)

June minutes approved

  1. President’s Update     (Ned)
    1. Sad news about Ashley
    2. Statement on inclusion and diversity
    3. Mid-September meeting; virtual with actual happy hour if feasible?  
      1. Will send Doodle 
    4. Input on nominations for fellows and executive council

Should MAPOR craft our own statement of inclusion and diversity? It’s something we believe in, and our recent conferences have focused on that. Should we align on AAPOR’s statement? If any Council members are interested, reach out to Ned.

Last year Council met in mid-September to finalize plans for conference. We should do same thing virtually this year – think about how the rest of the group can help with conference planning. (FYI, AAPOR Council meeting is September 14 & 15)

Continue to think of potential names for Exec Council and Fellow nominations. 

  1. 2020 Conference                          (Sara/David)
    1. Latest update on remote conversion and software
    2. Call for Conference Participation and Student Paper Competition Announcements launched
    3. Student Paper Competition Award Updates
    4. Abstract management programming and review updates
      1. Next step for abstract review, program compilation
  1. Moderator role; Networking lunch; Book raffle
  2. Speed networking
  3. Fellowship program
  4. Outreach to specific institutions

Call for participation was distributed. Confusion about how email address works… Team will trouble shoot ☺

The Cadmium quote MAPOR received is significantly higher than AAPOR quote, but it includes features we don’t need, will look for ways to cut. Meeting/demo scheduled for Friday (7/24). Sara will try to check in with Kristin O prior to the meeting, to get feedback on AAPOR experience. Leah had several groups respond to her, but two of them are not really what MAPOR needs. Prestige is the one group with whom we’ll move forward – Leah is setting a meeting with them next Wednesday. Several Council members will join both meetings. 

Conference program: Burton Reist from Census giving pedagogy hour. Evgenia, Justine, and Sara are working on organizing a session on “representation”…recorded presentations, then all presenters will come together for discussion/live Q&A. Who publishes in our academic journals? What are demographics? Leah is talking with a sociologist working in area of health disparities; Sara talking with communications professor on representation in the media; also exploring connection with Barbara Riesman (UIC) on topic of LGBTQ+ representation. Sara is excited that the virtual format is allowing this flexibility and experimentation on content. 

Evgenia started list of potential university departments – should we send the call for participation to these departments? Evgenia will send emails and copy Sara.

Later will discuss Speed Networking and In Memoriam sessions.

Idea to organize presentations by topic, rather than trying to fit them together by “session”. 

Idea of pairing students with Fellows/mentors to work on specific projects. We’ll work to identify mentors, will announce program at Conference, and teams have ~10 months to complete projects and present at 2021 Conference. Evgenia will draft descriptive email, and Ned will send to all Fellows to gauge interest. 

  1. Communications                     (Justine)
    1. Summer newsletter launch
    2. What other communications in spring on our news, including social media postings?

Justine has content, is working on newsletter. Also working on FB and Twitter updates.

  1. Sponsorship     (Allison/Mary)

Once we have a selected conference platform and understand how it works, we can define how the different levels of sponsorship will look. Then will reach out to existing sponsors, and think about who we can add. Idea to frame sponsorships as not just supporting the conference but also supporting students/the future of social science research/etc. 

How to handle vendors and a virtual “exhibit hall”?

  1. Treasurer’s Report                           (Kevin)
    1. Budget Updates

Checking: $35,765

Savings: $45,025

Not much change in our accounts. Need to make some sort of announcement about Doris Graber contribution – wait until conference, put a note in program, and also at business meeting?

MAPOR is PCI compliant for the year. 

  1. Webinars            (Patrick)
    1. Fall:  AAPOR short course or other presenters?

Lindsey offered to finish reviewing the AAPOR presentations, and see if she finds anyone to recommend. The last webinar had a very technical focus; maybe use COVID as a topic? 

  1. Summer/Fall 2020 Mixer           (Evgenia/Lindsay)
    1. Should we try a Zoom happy hour?

Maybe connect with PAPOR and get input on how their Happy Hour worked. Evgenia will follow up with Bob Davis.

  1. Website              (Patrick)    
  1. Other business?            

No other business.

Next Meeting: August 17th 2020 at 12:30 CST

Committee Composition: 

  1. Conference (Sara, Dana, David, Leah)
  2. Sponsorship (Allison, Mary)
  3. Webinar (Patrick, Lindsay)
  4. Website (Patrick)
  5. Student Award (Ipek, Ned, Kevin, Dana, Evgenia)