January 11, 2021

12:30 – 2:00 CST/1:30 pm – 3:00pm EST

Zoom invite

MAPOR MOMENT of the MONTH:  Our MAPOR Moment of the Month is for our website committee for learning WordPress and making the necessary 2021 updates!

Attendees: Bob, Patrick, Stephanie, Kevin, Dana, Leah, Evgenia, David, Hillary, Lindsey, John, Justine, Ned, Sara

December meeting minutes approved.


  1. 2021 Conference             (David/Leah)
    1. Updates

David is in communication with Embassy Suites, they seem flexible. He will stay in touch with them. In March/April, we will talk with them again. We can cancel as late as August without losing money. Will get some data from member survey on willingness/plan to travel to Chicago for conference. Discussion on what we mean by “hybrid” – both presenters and attendees remote, or have presenters/facilitators in person? Keep in mind call for participation usually goes out in early May. 

Discussion of whether we would use Cadmium again. Need to confirm hotel’s capability to “broadcast” live events. If hybrid format, we expect we will have fewer pre-recorded sessions and more live. Need to keep in mind if we can afford both hotel and Cadmium. If not Cadmium, there are other lower-threshold options (AAPOR is using Pathable)

  1. Member Survey               (Stephanie, Lindsey, Hillary)
    1. Updates and next steps

Subcommittee is reviewing 2020 member survey and proposing updates. A draft will be sent to Council prior to February meeting for review and input.

  1. Treasurer’s Report                               (Stephanie)
    1. Updates

Checking account: $36,449

Savings account:  $46,967

  1. Communications                     (Justine)
    1. Updates

Plan is to get newsletter out by early February – post-conference, welcome to 2021. Justine will send a new request for content.

  1. Website                             (Patrick/Dana/Hillary)
    1. Updates

Website committee standing by to support updates. Need to update current Council; Patrick will share link to spreadsheet to update our info. 

(make sure headshot is not a .pdf, but a picture file)

  1. Webinars             (Patrick/Lindsey)
    1. Plan for 2021 (April and October)

Lindsey and Patrick need to discuss and come up with a plan. Lindsey did look at last year’s member survey to get some ideas for topics/presenters. 

  1. Sponsorship (John and Bob)
    1. Thank you letters sent
    2. Meeting 1/12/21 to develop plan

Dana sent thank you letters to all sponsors. John, Bob, and Dana will meet this week to develop sponsorship plan for this year. How might a hybrid or entirely remote conference affect sponsors? 

  1. Student Fellowship Program (Ned, Kevin, Dana, Evgenia)
    1. send reminder for submissions

Submissions are due February 14. Plan to send reminder next week, then one more reminder immediately before Feb 14. 

  1. Student/Early career programs                             (Ned, Kevin, Dana, Stephanie, Evgenia, Leah)
    1. need to schedule meeting to discuss ideas of spending operational reserves on expanding reach to students and early career folks (reduce costs for short course, webinar, registration; conference travel awards) 

May be too soon to make decisions on this before we know format/cost of 2021 conference. 

  1. Outreach committee     (Evgenia, Lindsey, Kevin, Bob, David)
    1. Mixers (virtual mixer in Feb or March)
    2. Ideas for this committee to discuss:
      1. First time attendee retention
      2. reach out to professors: this is what we can offer to your students
      3. Focus on outreach to departments, schools and organizations we don’t see at MAPOR

Plan first virtual mixer so can include in February newsletter(?). 

  1. Other committees that will have work at a later date:
    1. Colleague grants/tiered registration (Ned, Kevin, Dana, Stephanie)
    2. MAPOR Fellow nomination criteria (Ned, Dana, Kevin)
    3. Speed Networking (Ned, Justine)
    4. MAPOR conference attendee Code of Conduct (TBD)
  1. Other business?                                                                                                        

Nothing was raised. Meeting adjourned.

Committee Composition

  1. Conference (Sara, Ned, Dana, David, Leah)
  2. Sponsorship (John and Bob)
  3. Webinar (Patrick, Lindsey)
  4. Website (Patrick, Hillary, Dana)
  5. Communications (Justine)
  6. Sec-treas support (Stephanie, Lindsey, Hillary)
  7. Student Fellowship Program (Ned, Kevin, Dana, Evgenia)
  8. Student/Early career programs  (Ned, Kevin, Dana, Stephanie, Evgenia, Leah)
  9. Colleague grants/tiered registration (Ned, Kevin, Dana, Stephanie)
  10. Outreach committee (Evgenia, Lindsey, Kevin, Bob, David)
  11. MAPOR Fellow nomination criteria (Ned, Dana, Kevin)
  12. Speed Networking (Ned, Justine)
  13. MAPOR conference attendee Code of Conduct (TBD)

Council members

President – Dana Garbarski

Vice President – Kevin Ulrich

Past President – Ned English

Conference Chair – David Sterrett

Associate Conference Chair – Leah Dean

Secretary-Treasurer – Stephanie Chardoul

Associate Secretary-Treasurer – Vacant

Members at Large – Bob Davis, Hillary Hanson, Ed Ledek, Sara Walsh, Lindsey Witt-Swanson 

Sponsorship Coordinator – John Stevenson 

Webinar and Website Coordinator – Patrick Hsieh

Communications Chair – Justine Bulgar-Medina

Student Liaison- Evgenia Kapousouz